Welcome to the next instalment of our new series of podcasts, the Kitlocker.com Club Series!

Over the last couple of months we’ve chatted to some fascinating people from a wide range of areas within grassroots football. 

An incredibly sad story turned out to be the birth an incredible football club. We speak to Grenfell Athletic founders Rupert Taylor and Andy Fowler who have so much insight into how the club has got to where it is, and what it means for the players and surrounding community.

We talk a lot about how the team was formed and plans for the future, but we also ask the guests what advice they’d give individuals who are looking to set up their own club in the name of a charity or community projects.

Andy is the founder of a creative agency called Brothers and Sisters, and we pick his brains about how the ’72’ influencer campaign ended up winning ‘best influencer campaign 2020’ in PR Week. 

Watch/listen below on YouTube or Spotify. The choice is yours.

If you enjoyed this podcast, you can find the whole Kitlocker.com Club Series on Spotify.

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