Welcome to Kitlocker.com’s Kits of the Month for April! 👕

As you know, we make some absolutely stunning kits here at Kitlocker HQ. And we reckon that it’s a massive shame that most of you never get to set eyes on them. So we’re giving some of our favourites the attention they deserve on a monthly basis.

If your kit hasn’t been included please don’t be offended. It’s probably just because we didn’t get chance to take any snaps before shipping out your order. Send us some pics if you think we’ve missed a banger of a kit and we might feature it in the following month’s list.

Some of the kits leaving the building this month have been a joy to behold. So let’s take a look at some of the best of the bunch 👇

Durham University CC

As you’ll see throughout the course of April’s kits of the month list, we’re already having a terrific cricket season.

Our made to order capabilities are really allowing us to push the boundaries of cricket kit and empowering our customers to show their team identity more than ever.

This bespoke Castore kit for Durham University CC is one of our all time faves. The patterns, the colours, the logos and even the name/number font all work together so well. 

Staincross FC

This kit for Barnsley club Staincross FC has it all. Added to the solid base of a Nike Park shirt is a silicone monogram crest, a unique PowerUp design and a bespoke number print which incorporates the club logo.

And on top of all that, it’s sponosored beautifully by tanning brand St Moriz. Because it’s not always sunny in Barnsley…

Appleby Frodingham CC

We love creating elaborate designs for T20 kits but sometimes you can’t beat a clean, crisp set of cricket whites.

Appleby Frodingham CC, from Lincolnshire, have opted for Nike for their new kit and it’s a very strong choice. We’ve got a range of brands available if you’re looking to refresh your whites this season. Get in touch for more info.

Playit Loveit

This sublimated design for Playit Loveit really is something to behold. And trust us, it looks even better in the flesh. Taking the Nike Park shirt to a whole new level.

The design was inspired by kids from their sessions ahead of hosting their first football festival in Edinburgh this summer. 

Grappenhall CC

Here’s yet another stunning example of what we can do with bespoke Castore cricket kits. Grappenhall CC really embraced their creative side, making the most of their club colours to design this eye-catching shirt.

Fancy a custom Castore kit for your cricket club? Get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Man City & OKX

When Man City sponsors OKX asked us to help them print up some unique and limited edition kits for the Premier League, European and world champions, we jumped at the chance. 

This design, named “The Roses and the Bees” is part of the “Unseen City Shirts” campaign and was created by Christian Jeffrey.

OKX users will be given the opportunity to win the physical versions of the shirts, printed by us, via their platform.

Ramsbottom CC

Ramsbottom CC have made history by becoming the first cricket club to enter an all-women’s team into the Lancashire League. They began their season with a win this weekend in their first match.

They’ll be making history in style too in their new adidas Cricket kits, proudly sponsored by Kitlocker.com.

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Like what you see? Maybe you could be in next month’s edition of Kits of the Month.

Plus, keep your eyes peeled for kits of the year, coming soon 👀

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