When we began the Kitunlocker campaign we wanted to find clubs with a purpose much bigger than simply what happens on the pitch. So far, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a whole host of very special clubs and it has really showcased the true power of grassroots sport.

One of the reasons that people love grassroots sport is because of it’s ability to provide an escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. For an hour or two a week all that matters is having fun on the pitch with a bunch of like minded people.

That’s exactly what the people at Blackpool Football Therapy try to harness. 


What is Blackpool Football Therapy?

What began as a small lockdown kickabout amongst a couple mates in a park has developed, just a few years later, into four sessions a week and over 250 registered players. They welcome all abilities and ages and have even formed an 11-a-side team that plays friendlies against other teams with similar ethoses.

Many of the players involved had spent years away from the game and were looking for a relaxed environment in which to play football. Whilst also achieving the added benefits of improving their mental and physical health. In Blackpool Football Therapy, they found a home.

When we visited Blackpool and delivered their new Nike match kit, it was instantly clear that BFT had achieved something special. The camaraderie and smiles on faces amongst such a wide range of shapes, sizes, abilities and ages is something that little else other than sport can achieve. And if the stigma around mental health can be kicked into the distance in the process, then that’s one hell of a bonus.

Check out the video below to hear the story of BFT from it’s founder Ant Barrot.

MORE: For more on this campaign, check out the Kitunlocker homepage where you’ll find links to all of our collaborations so far.

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