We know that you guys take a lot of pride in your football shirts and so do we. Some of the beautiful kits that have been shipped out of Kitlocker HQ recently are near enough works of art and they should be looked after as such!

Whether it’s your job to clean your whole team’s kit or you’re just in charge of your own, you need to get it right. It might seem simple and to be honest it is. But if you get it wrong and ruin a set of shirts you’ll never forgive yourself and neither will your team mates!

So we’ve put together this short guide to washing your football shirts which will keep both the shirt and any printing on it in good condition.

1. Wash Your Shirt ASAP ⏳

We’ve all done it. You get home from the match and dump your kit in the corner of a room and forget about it till next week. You might even leave it in the boot of your car with your boots.

There are two big reasons you shouldn’t do this. The first is, the quicker you act on any mud or grass stains, the more likely you are to get rid of them. And secondly, the longer you leave a sweaty shirt unwashed, the more likely it is that any odours will set up home permanently in the material. And nobody wants that. Although it might help you stay unmarked in the box!

2. Wash Your Shirt Inside Out 🔄

This is especially important for kits that are printed, which most are. To protect the print and stop them from sticking together in the wash, quickly whip your shirt inside out before it goes in.

It’s a very simple step which will also help prevent your print from peeling or cracking.

3. Separate Colours 🎨

Another simple step but one which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Try to split your washes into dark colours, light colours and whites. Even high quality garments will leak a small amount of colour, especially the first few times they are washed.

If, for example, you play in a white shirt with red shorts and socks, be sure to separate them. Unless of course, you are trying to recreate one of Juventus’ iconic pink away kits.

4. Use a Cold Wash 🧊

Always wash your football kits at no hotter than 30°. It’s always worth double checking on the garment label for exact washing specifications.

It might be tempting to put them on a hot wash if the mud is caked on or there is a particularly pungent smell coming from the armpits. This should be avoided. Instead, use good quality stain removal products before washing. Or if this isn’t an option, give the shirt a good old-fashioned soak.

5. If in doubt, hand wash ✋

If you have a shirt which has already started peeling, is particularly old or has great value to you. The safest way to wash a shirt is always to handwash.

It might seem a little old-fashioned and time consuming. But hand washing is the only way to guarantee a safe wash. Many washing machines will have a hand wash setting if you don’t want to do it yourself.

6. Dry Your Shirts Naturally 💨

Always avoid a using a tumble dryer for printed football shirts where possible. If you absolutely have to, use a ‘delicate’ setting to minimise any potential damage. You should also avoid leaving them to dry on radiators. If a sponsor or number print is placed directly on a radiator there is always a chance of it melting. If you have to, make sure the shirt is inside out.

Drying naturally is always the best option, either out on a line or inside on an airer. You won’t have to wait long. Modern football shirts are made of extremely quick drying material. Therefore, tumble dryers and radiators are not only risky, but also completely unnecessary.

No More Excuses!

So there you go. It’s not really that complicated is it? And remember, if in doubt, check the label for washing instructions.

Time for a new kit?

Yeah, we all love the smell of a freshly washed kit. But nothing beats that new kit smell 😍

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