At we’ve been changing teamwear since way back in 2005. One of the ways in which we’ve done this is through our innovative and progressive approach to embellishment.

Vinyl printing and embroidery are the standard embellishment options that have served the grassroots sport market for years and years. But if you know Kitlocker, you’ll know that there’s nothing “standard” about us.

We love the classics and will always provide those options for our customers. But you guys are becoming more and more demanding in what you want out of your teamwear, and rightly so. So we’re constantly looking into new methods of applying embellishments. Whether that’s through the use of new technology or taking inspiration from the professional game.

The result of all of this is the set of embellishment options we’re proud to offer our customers today. And if you aren’t familiar with them. Have a look 👇

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