Welcome to Kitlocker.com’s Kits of the Month for October!

As you know, we make some absolutely beautiful kits here at Kitlocker HQ. And we reckon that it’s a crying shame most of you never get to see them. So we’re giving some of our favourites the attention they deserve on a monthly basis.

If your kit hasn’t been included please don’t be offended. It’s probably just because we didn’t get chance to take any snaps before shipping out your order. Send us some pics if you think we’ve missed a banger of a kit and we might feature it in the following month’s list.

Some of the kits leaving the building this month have been a joy to behold. So let’s take a look at some of the best of the bunch 👇

Durham University – Multisport

The guys at Durham are killing multiple birds with one stone with this lovely number from Castore.

This shirt will be used across several sports including Table Tennis, Badminton and Squash.

Working with Castore, we were delighted to announce our partnership with Durham University and Team Durham last month. Read more about it here.

LDN Movements

We absolutely love this kit we made in conjunction with YouTube content creators LDN Movements. They’ve been showing off their insane skills for a number of years now and have racked up over one millions subscribers.

Before we even talk about the shirt, that LDN Movements badge is just so good. And then look at that all-over graphic design. Definitely one of our favourites from the last few months 😍

Kenilworth Wardens

Midlands based Kenilworth Wardens went for the green Tiempo Premier II shirt for their new away kit and it’s easy to see why.

Some shirts don’t need a great deal adding in order to come up with something special. We reckon that the Warden’s striking club badge, complementary sponsor print and subtle graphic print is a winning combination.

Evo Soccer

We’ve been working with the team at Evo Soccer for quite a while now and we’ve created some banging kits together. This one has to be up there as one of the best.

They decided to come up with a special shirt for their recent trip to Madrid where they took in the historic surroundings of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. And it’s that stadium which features as a subtle design feature on the front of the kit. Lovely touch! 🏟️

Harrow School Basketball

There aren’t many Basketball jerseys featured in KOTM but we’re definitely here for it if this one is anything to go by 🏀

This home and away Nike set for the prestigious Harrow School is a lesson in simple style. 

Zion Football

Central beams have been a very popular feature with our customers ever since we started doing #PowerUp all those years ago. It’s a brilliantly simple way to take your match kit from looking like a standard template kit to completely bespoke.

That’s exactly what Zion Football have done here with their Nike home, away and goalkeeper shirts.

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Plus, keep your eyes peeled for kits of the year, coming soon 👀

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