Welcome to the second instalment of our new series of podcasts, the Kitlocker.com Club Series!

Over the last couple of months we’ve chatted to some fascinating people from a wide range of areas within grassroots football. 

For episode 2, we speak to Nappys XI and Hype Train FC about how to successfully run a grassroots football team.

We cover everything from player recruitment, choosing the right league for you as well as how they go about attracting sponsorship.

There’s plenty to talk about and many takeaways for those looking to start their own team, after the hosts asked the clubs what they’d tell themselves before they started.

We also cover other topics such as marketing and branding, and how that can become a tool to help keep the club sustainable over a number of years. 

Watch/listen below on YouTube or Spotify. The choice is yours.

If you enjoyed this podcast, you can find the whole Kitlocker.com Club Series on Spotify.

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