Just in time for the return of grassroots football, we’ve dropped some fantastic value training equipment ideal for Sunday League teams and beyond. Whilst some have used lockdown as an opportunity to improve their fitness, in the absence of sport many of us let our standards slip a little.

To help rectify that, we’re going to walk you through some of our new training equipment, ideal to whip you and your team back into shape…

There’s no better way to get you and your teammates back to full sharpness physically than with speed and agility equipment, particularly agility ladders.

Along with the included cones and mini hurdles, ladders offer a quick and easy way to set up a pre-season fitness course. The set is also ideal for quick and simple pre-match warm-ups, once the season finally gets underway.

Is your team struggling to convert chances? The Hand Held Rebounder is great for snap-shot finishing drills, as well as improving touch and technique. You’ll have your strikers gobbling up chances like Harry Kane in no time.

No need to break the bank. Our rebounder is currently 50% off RRP at just £30!

A must have for any training session. Perfect for small sided training games. We’ve got a selection of training bibs in four colours and at just £1.50 each, you’ll struggle to find a better deal anywhere.

Quick tip – be sure to wash them every now and again. Nothing quite puts you off your game than running around in a stinking bib.

Every team has that one person who gets a little too worked up on the side line. Make sure the boundaries are clearly set our with our respect barrier rope set, ideal for football as well as rugby and hockey.

It’s now more important than ever that spectators, family and coaching staff keep their distance from what’s happening on the pitch. So a respect barrier is a match-day must have for keeping everyone as safe as possible.

A great value essential for keeping your balls in check either at training or on a match day. Don’t be that team in your league who always brings along a flat match ball this season. Nobody likes that team.

And with this pump costing just £4.00, there’s no excuse!

A slightly more modern take on the classic agility ladders. Very similar in their usage but can be customised to create a more complex course than just a straight line.

An octagon shaped bargain at just £17.50 for the set.

What is there to say about cones? They’re simple, effective and great value. Ideal for setting up drills, dribbling courses or even a back garden mini-pitch for the kids. Pick up 10 cones, complete with carry strap, for just £3.50 with a choice of 5 different colours. An absolute bargain.

Another training staple. There are literally millions of ways to use cones to create your own drills for dribbling, fitness, shooting and beyond. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Fail to Prepare, Then Prepare to Fail!

With the return of football around the corner it’s the perfect time to snap some of these bargains up!

Make sure your team is ready for everything the season throws at you. Shop training equipment, match kit top ups, footballs and more in our Match Day Essentials range.


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