We love summer because it means sunshine, beer gardens and holidays (although not so much this year). But most of all, it means NEW FOOTBALL KITS! 🆕

Last summer our customers helped us to create some of the most beautiful kits that have ever made their way through Kitlocker HQ. And this summer you haven’t let us down either. In fact, this season’s batch have been even better.

We’ve loved working with you all to bring your creations to life with #PowerUp and our other state of the art garment embellishment technology.

So lets take a look at some of our favourite creations of the summer so far. Not only to showcase what we can do, but also the creativity of you guys! The standard of some of these kits just confirms, if you didn’t know already, that Kitlocker.com really is the go to place for people who really care about football kits.

Before anyone starts getting upset about the ordering of this, the kits are in no particular order. And if we’ve left anyone out, please don’t be offended! We make a lot of kits, sometimes we lose track. If you think that your kit should have been included in the list please let us know on our socials!

Anyway, feast your eyes…

FC Every Man Matters

Every Man Matters FC are a charity football club based in Essex who work hard to increase awareness for men’s mental health and raise funds for the regional branch of the charity Mind. To find out more about who they are and what they do, give them a follow on Twitter. A great cause with a great kit to match. Orange and black is always a winning combination in our book and just look at that front print 🤤

Hype Train FC

The guys at Hype Train know what they are talking about when it comes to football and as you can see they definitely know a nice football kit when they see one too. All three Hype Train FC colour combinations are a hit. All aboard the Hype Train folks! 🚂

Kitchener FC

Last summer we linked up with with Ipswich based YouTube football team Kitchener FC. We announced the partnership with a blinding Nike #PowerUp kit and we’ve only gone and done it again this year! Their Nike Legend jersey is boosted by their having their badge subtly printed into the background. Plus, on the back they send a strong message of solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement. This cracker is available to order now HERE.

Norsemen FC

North London based Norsemen FC are celebrating their 125th anniversary with one hell of a kit. What better way to celebrate than with the Nike Legend jersey. This kit is Nike’s modern take on the classic template made famous by Brazil and others at the 2002 World Cup.

Panda FC

Panda FC are an up and coming YouTube team plying their trade in the footballing hotbed that is South London. From our experience, if you want to make it in the world of YouTube football, then a top notch kit is a must. These lads can definitely check that off the list with their adidas Striped 19 number, complete with easy on the eye club badge and sponsor prints 🐼

Mandeezy FC

From South London to East London and another burgeoning YouTube team. Mandeezy FC’s kit just shows that you don’t always have to go big to create a beautiful kit. Sometimes simplicity is all you need. This Nike Park shirt is adorned with a nice club logo, stylish sponsor logo (if we say so ourselves) and modern number print. That’s all you need sometimes.

Thames Valley Railway FC

Another stunning shirt with an even better cause. The guys from Thames Valley Railway FC AKA ‘The Locomotives’ raised vital funds for the NHS at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic by selling this shirt to their followers. Yet another example of the Nike Park shirt being used as a blank canvas for some #PowerUp magic. Those sleeve details are a nice extra touch too 👌

Sheffield West End FC

The lads at Sheffield West End have gone for the minty fresh Nike Park shirt in ‘Hyper Verde’ this season. It’s a colourway that’s been very popular already this summer and it’s easy to see why.

Underdogs FC

White and gold works a charm every time. This beauty from Underdogs FC is a great example of how we can seamlessly integrate your sponsor logos into ready-to-go #PowerUp designs. If you want it on your shirt. We’ll do it. All you need to do is ask.

St Clears AFC

The Saints are a club based in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We’ve been working with them for a lot of years and each year their kits just keep getting better. For this one they’ve used the ever-popular adidas Estro 19 Jersey, added a little #PowerUp sauce down the left hand side as well as THAT badge 👀🐗

Palmers FC

Last but not least, the one you’ve all been waiting for…

In case you didn’t hear yesterday, Palmers FC are BACK 🥳 We’ve missed them while they’ve been away but Smiv, Tommo and the boys have returned with a brand new kit. Actually, two brand new Puma kits and they are both banging.

Catch their comeback video here and grab their kit here. COME ON YOU PALMERS (it feels nice typing that again…)

Like what you see? 👀

Well, what are you waiting for then? You’ve just seen 11 of the best kits to be shipped out of Sheffield so far this summer. We’re ready and waiting to turn your match kit dreams into reality too, so get in touch. With the season delayed you’ve still got plenty of time.

Oh, and if you think that your team’s kit should have been on this list then don’t hesitate to give us a shout on our socials 🗣

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