Looking to find a new football club this season? You’re in good company. The likes of Mario Götze, Edinson Cavani and Daniel Sturridge are all in the same boat. They probably won’t need much help in finding a place to play. But for those at the opposite end of the ladder it can be a little more difficult.

Perhaps you’ve been out of the game for a while and have been inspired to lace up your boots again. Maybe you’ve had to move areas for work reasons or maybe you just fancy a change. Whatever your reason for looking for a club, we’ve put together this quick guide to finding a new grassroots football club to get involved with.

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Check the FA's Website

This is a great place to start! The FA has a huge database of local football clubs all over the country. You can search through them geographically via the “Play Football” area of their website.

All you need to do is enter whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s or disability football and your post code. From that information it will quickly present you with a list of clubs close to you. All conveniently ordered by proximity to your address.

Once you’ve found a club that you’re interested in, you can click to see more details such as the club’s home ground, the league they play in and contact information.

The database is massive. And within your results you’ll find adult and junior clubs, as well as 5-a-side and Wildcats football centres. If you’re slightly more advanced in years, you can even find a walking football club! So there’s something for everyone.

Check Your County FA's Website

It’s also worth checking your local County FA’s website, particularly if you are moving from another area. Most County FAs will have a section of their website which is dedicated to helping people to get involved in the game.

For example, Sheffield & Hallamshire FA have the fantastically named “Transfer Centre”. On the Transfer Centre players and coaches in need of a team can advertise themselves to prospective clubs looking for new additions to their squads. You’ll also find entries from clubs looking for players in a particular position. Or those who need to fill important backroom roles such as club secretaries.

Surrey FA have something similar in the form of a “Player Noticeboard” where players can find opportunities at clubs within the area. They also held #FindPlayersFriday on Twitter to help clubs fill gaps in their squads.

Give Your County FA a Call or Email

Technology is great but you can’t go wrong with having a proper conversation with the people who know grassroots football in your area like the back of their hand. The people at your local County FA have the knowledge to provide you with great advice on which club is right for you. Just jump on your County FA’s website for contact details.

So what are you waiting for? Get playing!

It’s easier than ever to get involved with a football club near you. And with the new season starting soon, there’s never been a better time! Whatever your age, ability or fitness level, if you want to play football then there’ll be a club ready to welcome you with open arms.

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