Best Nike Football Kits by Colour


For this guide we will be talking Nike and our favourite kits for each colour. It’s not like they are in need of any introduction, but Nike have been at the top of the Football Kit game for decades. Regularly fighting it out with adidas to be top dogs in their arena.

Nike have produced some of the most memorable and iconic football kits of recent time. But not only for the elite. Thanks to Nike teamwear, clubs at all levels can grab themselves a Nike kit and be the envy of their league.

It’s not always easy to pick out a kit though. It’s a big decision. To make that a little easier we’ve picked out what we reckon are the best Nike kits for each of the most popular colours.

Best White Nike Football Kit: Nike Legend Jersey

White is always a brave choice for anyone playing grassroots football. With crisp white shirts meeting muddy park pitches, you’ll need to stock up on stain remover. The likes of Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur and the England National Team don’t have to worry about playing on waterlogged pitches. But if you’re willing to sacrifice that in the name of style then we reckon the Nike Legend Jersey is a great choice of white football shirt.

Plain white football shirts can often look a bit plain and uninspiring but the Legend Jersey is far from that. It’s one of the most eye-catching kits in the current teamwear range and is very reasonably priced. It’s added collar and underarm detail provide a retro style which is a recreation of the Nike kits from the 2002 World Cup.

Best Red Nike Football Kit: Nike Park VII Shirt

Red is a colour that speaks for itself. It’s the colour of courage, passion, danger and love. So not much else needs to be said. It’s also the colour of some of the world’s most famous teams like Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and many more. All of that considered, it’s understandable that red is probably the most popular colour for football shirts.

Because the colour comes with so much meaning on it’s own, maybe a more understated kit design is required for balance. And in that regard nothing can compete with the legendary Nike Park VII Shirt. Now in it’s 7th incarnation, the Nike Park is a familiar site on football pitches up and down the country. Famed for it’s simple style, versatility, value for money and wide range of 15 colourways.

Best Green Nike Football Kit: Nike Challenge III Jersey

Whilst there aren’t many elite teams that wear green these days, it is a very popular choice of shirt colour in grassroots football, and not just because it hides grass stains well. Our choice for the best green Nike football shirt is the classy Challenge III Jersey.

You might recognise this shirt from last season’s incredibly popular Chelsea 3rd Shirt (albeit in black). So if you were a fan of that shirt (and club loyalties a side why wouldn’t you be?) it’s well worth giving this one a go for your team. It boasts a unique and stylish neckline, a subtle diagonal striped effect and a slim lined fit which provides a tailored and professional look.

Best Orange Nike Football Kit: Nike Trophy IV Jersey

Orange is a massively underrated colour for football shirts. Bright, vibrant and eye-catching, it is perhaps most closely associated with the Dutch National Team who are nicknamed “de Oranje”. Nike obviously know how to make orange kits well having produced Holland’s kits for the last 23 years.

We think that the pick of the orange Nike teamwear kits is the Nike Trophy IV Jersey. It has strong vibes of the 2006 Holland World Cup shirt. Don’t remember that one? Well it was a really nice collared football shirt and so is this one. Collars on football shirts divide opinion but if you are a fan, then you’re sure to like the Trophy IV.

Best Blue Nike Football Kit: Nike Strike Jersey

Along with red, probably the most popular football kit colour is blue. There are so many shades within the spectrum too, such as the sky blue of Man City, royal blue of Chelsea and navy blue of PSG.

Another team which many associate with the colour blue are the reigning world champions, France. Their shirt from that successful tournament was one of the most popular of that summer. It was recreated and added to the Nike Teamwear range in the form of the Nike Strike Jersey. It’s stretchy, technical material will have you feeling like a pro, even if you don’t play like one.

Best Striped Nike Football Kit: Nike Striped Division III Shirt

If stripes are more your thing then don’t despair. Nike have that covered too. There’s only one striped kit in the current teamwear selection but when it’s as good as the Nike Striped Division III. It’s traditional style meets modern sportswear engineering. And it also comes in a women’s fit version.

Right, so it’s not strictly stripes, it’s zig-zags but we think the Nike Naija Jersey is so nice that it deserves a mention. It is inspired by the iconic Nigeria kit of the 2018 World Cup and is an exclusive to And when it’s gone, it’s gone. So if you want it for your team, move fast!

Can’t Find Your Club Colours?

We appreciate that the wonderful world of football kits is not just limited to just 6 colours. Click here to view the full range of Nike football kits which includes more niche colourways.

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