Best adidas Kits by Colour

A big part of club identity is of course the colour of a team's kit. In the professional game certain colours, or colour combinations, are synonymous with football teams.


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Best adidas football kits by colour:

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What Makes a Football Kit?


Most football kits are made from three pieces of clothing:

  • Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Socks


When we think of football kits, we usually think about the shirt. However, it's important to consider shorts and socks too when putting together a winning kit.


Your shorts and socks don't need to be the same colour as your shirt. Using different but complimentary colours for your shorts and socks can elevate a football kit from non-league to Champions League levels. 


With adidas, building a kit is easy. There are loads of options for each key component with different price points and colourways. So whatever your budget or club colours, you'll be able to find something perfect for your team.



Best Black adidas Football Kits



Black is a great colour choice if you want your football kit to land on the classy end of the football kit spectrum. Although, it is important to note that some County FAs do not allow black kits in 11-a-side matches. This is because a lot of referees wear black kits. So check with your local FA before purchasing.But if it's 5-a-side or 6-a-side we're talking, you can't go wrong with a sleek black kit under the floodlights.


Our favourite black adidas football shirt is the popular Condivo 18 (from £17.97). In fact we like it so much that we picked it for our “Team Kitlocker” kit ahead of our big match at Bramall Lane last summer. Here are two of our star players/employees modelling the kit, complete with #PowerUp design.


We matched the kit with Tastigo 19 shorts (from £18.71), also in black, which look spot on with white adisock 18 socks (from £9.71). This combination is probably towards the premium side of the budget scale. So if you're looking for something with a lower price point but all the same adidas quality then the black Entrada 18 (from £8.19) and Parma 16 shorts (from £6.47) could be a great choice for your team.


Our Top Picks:



Best Yellow adidas Football Kits



Lots of teams have donned yellow football kits over the years, most notably the Brazilian national team. There's something a bit exotic about a bright yellow football shirt, but there's no reason that you can't make it your own and bring that flair to a muddy grassroots pitch.


Yellow shirts usually go well with either blue or green trim, shorts and socks. Perhaps we've got the Brazilians to thank for that! So our choice for the best yellow adidas kit is the yellow/blue Estro 19 shirt (from £6.95) with blue Parma 16 shorts (from £6.47) and blue Milano 16 socks (from £5.95).


An all yellow kit can be a bit brash on the eye but with the bold blue sleeves of the Estro 19 with matching blue shorts and socks you've got a winning colour scheme.


A few other eye-catching alternative shirts are the Entrada 18 (from £8.19), or the Striped 19 (from £13.46) if you're looking for a striped yellow shirt.


Our Top Picks:



Best Pink adidas Football Kits



Pink shirts used to be few and far between but they've become much more popular in recent years. This is probably thanks to it now being a popular colour for professional clubs' away kits. Again, coupled with the right shorts and socks, a pink shirt can be very eye-catching and something a little bit different.


One prime example of a pink away kit was that of Leicester City from last season. adidas based The Foxes' shirt this on the Campeon 19 design. So guess what we've picked as the best pink adidas football kit?


That's right, the Campeon 19 (from £16.49). With it's geometric graphic, it's a bit of a retro throwback to the classic adidas kits of the 80s and 90s. A completely pink kit is probably a little much, so we think black Squadra 17 shorts (from £9.71) with pink adisock 18 socks (from £9.71) would be the way to go for this one.


Another shirt style which is very “pretty in pink” is the Estro 19 (from £6.95) with it's solar pink body and white sleeves.


Our Top Picks:



Best White adidas Football Kits



It's a brave kit secretary that orders their team a white kit to play on muddy Sunday League pitches but sometimes bravery reaps rewards when it comes to football kits. Similar to black, white kits always offer a classy look (until they get blathered). Think Real Madrid, Spurs, England for prime examples.


The Tiro 19 (from £26.21) is the best white shirt that adidas currently have to offer, and what a shirt it is! Sometimes it's the details that make a great football shirt and that's certainly the case with this one. Look a little closer at the Tiro 19 and there's a subtle all over pattern within the material. Every inch of the shirt screams quality and justifies the slightly higher price point.


A white shirt is brave enough, white shorts and socks would be crazy. Team the Tiro 19 shirt up with black Regista 18 shorts (from £10.77) and black adisock 18 socks (from £9.71) and you're onto a winner.


If you're shopping on a slightly tighter budget, the Tabela 18 short sleeve shirt (from £11.21) might be an option worth looking at. It comes with either red or white on white trim.


Our Top Picks:



Best Red adidas Football Kits



You're spoilt for choice with adidas when it comes to red football shirts so this was a difficult decision. After much deliberation we've gone for the Condivo 20 (from £22.46) as our favourite red adidas shirt. The prominent neck and sleeve cuffs are such a bold feature, while the textured all-over background graphic brings a premium feel.


For the bottom half of the ensemble our choice is the red Condivo 20 shorts (from £16.46) and the white adisock 18 socks (from £9.71).


For a slightly more conservative and budget-friendly choice, you can't go wrong with the Entrada 18 in red (from £8.19). Team the Entrada up with the red Parma 16 (from £6.47) and Milano 16 socks (from £5.95).


Our Top Picks:



Best Blue adidas Football Kits



Along with red, probably the most popular football kit colour is blue. There are so many shades within the spectrum too, such as the sky blue of Man City, royal blue of Chelsea and navy blue of PSG.


We thought about this one long and hard and eventually came to the realisation that the only choice for the best blue adidas shirt is the Condivo 20 Primeblue Jersey (from £22.46). It's even in the name! It's available in “Easy Blue” and “Sharp Blue” with orange trim so you've got two shades to choose from.


According to adidas, the design of the shirt was “inspired by the hidden creatures of the sea”. That's because the ocean inspired shirt is made from 100% recycled polyester. So if you're after an eye-catching blue shirt with an ethical edge, the adidas Condivo 20 Primeblue is probably right up your street.


To complete the kit there's matching Condivo 20 Primeblue shorts (from £16.46) and Primeblue socks (from £9.71). The full kit is also available in a women's fit version.


There are lots of other adidas jersey options in blue, including the Striped 19 (from £13.46) if it's blue stripes that you're after.


Our Top Picks:



Best Green adidas Football Kits



Strangely there are very few professional clubs in the UK which use green as their home kit. The colour is probably more associated with goalkeeper kits. In our opinion green kits are criminally underused in football, particularly grassroots. The fact that grass stains just blend in with the colour of the kit surely makes green the perfect choice for Sunday League!


adidas never let us down and they don't disappoint with their selection of green football shirts. Our favourite is the Campeon 19 (from £16.46). It's a kit that we used for our collaboration with Mundial magazine a couple of years back. And if Mundial picked it, you know that it's a cool shirt.


We reckon that this shirt looks best with black shorts and green socks. Particularly the Regista 18 shorts (from £10.77) and the adisock 18 socks (from £9.77).


Another couple of alternative shirts if you're going green are the Estro 19 (from £6.95) and Entrada 18 (from £8.19).


Our Top Picks:



Can't Find Your Club Colours?


We appreciate that the wonderful world of football kits is not just limited to just 7 colours. Click here to view the full range of adidas football kits which includes more niche colourways, plus kits with stripes and hoops.


The perfect way to add another dimension and a splash of colour to your kit is through our #PowerUp service. If you still don't know what #PowerUp is, where have you been? Click here to read more. So if you're looking at one of our adidas kits and thinking “that would be perfect for my team if only it had some pink trim”, then it's time to get yourself a #PowerUp.


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