Teamwear and Bulk Discounts

If you are looking to purchase match kit, training/leisurewear or equipment for your team or club, then it is important for you to understand that you can get additional savings dependent on the brand you choose and the amount you spend. We understand the importance of offering good quality, affordable teamwear, which is why we look to provide the best possible pricing on all of our brands.

We offer bulk discounts on Nike, adidas, Errea, Stanno, Joma, Canterbury, Gilbert and Mizuno, below we have outlined the rates of discount available based on the amount you spend:

Bulk Ordering Discount

First Discount Band*
Second Discount Band
Third Discount Band
Nike £0-£999.99 = 25% off £1000.00 and above = 30% off n/a
adidas £0-£999.99 = 25% off £1000.00 and above = 30% off n/a
Errea £0-£999.99 = 25% off £1000.00 and above = 30% off n/a
Stanno £0-£999.99 = 25% off £1000.00 and above = 30% off n/a
Joma £0-£999.99 = 25% off £1000.00 and above = 30% off n/a
Canterbury £0-£249.99 = 15% off £250-£999.99 = 20% off £1000.00 and above = 25% off
Gilbert £0-£249.99 = 15% off £250-£999.99 = 20% off £1000.00 and above = 25% off
Mizuno £0-£199.99 = 0% off £200-£749.99 = 15% off £750.00 and above =20% off

*Please be aware that all products on the site are already discounted by the first Discount Band.

*Bespoke services such as adidas miTeam etc. will have different discount levels to standard teamwear. Please speak to your account manager for more information on this.

Price Comparison

Want to see how much your products work out in real terms when buying online on Compare the prices associated with some of our most popular teamwear items online right now, including match shirts, shorts and socks. Click the item's name to jump to the product page, and start shopping for some of our discounted teamwear from the likes of Nike, adidas and Joma.

Product Name
When ordering 11x
When ordering 16x
When ordering 18x
Nike Park VI Short Sleeve Shirt £80.30 £116.80 £131.40
Nike Park II Knit Short £72.71 £105.76 £118.98
Nike Classic II Socks £45.10 £65.60 £73.80
adidas Estro 19 Short Sleeve Jersey £76.56 £111.36 £125.28
adidas Parma 16 Short £76.56 £111.36 £125.28
adidas Milano 16 Socks £56.87 £82.72 £93.06
Joma Winner Short Sleeve Shirt £82.50 £120.00 £135.00
Joma Nobel Short £45.43 £66.08 £74.34
Joma Sock Classic II £39.16 £56.96 £64.08

* All prices are correct as of 31st May 2019. Prices shown are for junior sizes. Please check on the individual product pages for up-to-date pricing information.

Print and Embroidery

Looking for prices and more information on our print and embroidery services? Check out the low costs associated with making a new kit truly your own by clicking HERE. We offer a huge range of different embellishments including standard embroidery and vinyl printing to raised silicon badges.

Clearance Teamwear

We regularly discount teamwear items that are end of line, so keep an eye on our Sale section for high quality, top brand items at sale prices. We do keep our newsletter subscribers informed whenever we update our Clearance range, so sign up to our newsletters below for some great savings!

Invoices for your Teamwear Orders

If you wish to download a copy of your order invoice(s) once you have placed your order, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the My Orders.
  2. Select the relevant order and you will see a ‘Download Order Form’ link.
  3. Click this link to generate a PDF that you can either print, or save and file.