The thought of picking a match kit for a grassroots football team is often seen as a daunting task. What kit do I pick that’s within my budget? What sizes shall I order? What if I need to order top up kits throughout the season and beyond? Where do I even order a match kit?

A lot of these answers aren’t always immediately available, which can sometimes lead to problems further down the line, whether that be no access to more stock, sizes that are ill-fitting and an inability to find a supplier.

In this article, we’ll be giving you a one-stop guide to football shirts from brands such as NikeadidasJoma Stanno, covering different buyer indicators such as price, design and colourways. We’ve chosen one strip from each brand to cover as many of your bases as possible.


The “I must have that brand kit”

First up is the Nike Trophy III, we probably don’t need to go into that much detail about the shirt because you’ll have seen international federations wearing it for the past year. These federations include England, Holland, France, Poland, Brazil and many more. Due to such a breadth of nations wearing the Nike Trophy III, there are many colours available, including:

– White
– Grey
– Royal Blue
– Navy Blue
– Green
– Orange
– Yellow
– Red
– Maroon
– Navy/Royal

Prices start from as little as £9.71 for youth short sleeve, up to £13.46 for adult long sleeve. Value for money we’re sure you’ll agree. You’ll have to be quick though, many have already picked up on the design-to-price ratio and stock is flying out across the whole of Western Europe.

We recommend pairing it with the “Agency” font number back print, to complete that complete Nike look. Quite simply, a truly stunning and value for money football shirt that will be the envy of opposition across the UK in 2017/18.

adidas kits

The “I only wear three stripes kit”

adidas and their three stripes have been synonymous across grassroots and professional football for as many years as we can all remember. With that comes a level of unrivalled loyalty from people across the nation. Our adidas pick is the Squadra 17 jersey, featuring piping across the lower shoulder and a cut off three stripe effort from neck to upper shoulder.
Coming in eight staple colours, the Squadra 17 jersey comes in:

– Royal Blue
– White
– Navy Blue
– Red
– Black
– Yellow
– Green
– Orange

Prices start again at £9.71 for youth short sleeve, through to £13.46 for adult long sleeve. It should also be noted that a lot of adidas kits are coming to the end of their life-cycle now, but the Squadra 17 is will be available for a couple of years yet. There is of course the added bonus of accommodating for a multitude of sizes, from ages 5-6 right through to 3XL. If you need kits for youth teams right through to the over 35s (sorry!) this could be the kit for you.

joma kits

The “What if I wear hoops kit?”

Hooped kits have long been a myth across brands such as Nike and adidas. Thankfully Spanish powerhouse Joma offer one of the most aesthetically pleasing hooped kits we’ve ever seen at Kitlocker HQ. Who are Joma you might ask? Well, a couple of accounts within their portfolio include the Spanish & Mexican Olympic Committees and Swansea City of the English Premier League. They also service a host of professional clubs in Spain, such as Villarreal, Leganes, Espanyol and Granada FC. It’s fair to say they have an enormous amount of pedigree in the teamwear industry.

Back to hooped kits, the Joma Europa III ticks every box. Affordable, wide colour range and stylish to boot. Even slightly more obscure team colours are accommodated for, play in yellow and navy? The Europa III has you covered. There’s also a plethora of white/(insert colour) options, such as navy, green, red and royal, don’t forget that plain back either, perfect for grassroots and amateur football matches.

The embroidered joma text below the front neckline is a nice touch, giving teams plenty of room for an embroidered or printed crest, as well as those lucky enough to have secured sponsorship printed across the abdomen. There’s also the added bonus of an embroidered J on the sleeve, just to add that professional touch.

Enough of us fawning over the Europa III, the nitty gritty breaks down like this:

Youth: £11.63
Adult: £12.38

For short sleeve, and:

Youth: £12.74
Adult: £13.49

For long sleeves. Certainly affordable for those teams that must play in hoops.

stanno kits

The “My team play in obscure colours kit”

Play in Maroon/Sky Blue? Yellow/Royal? Or even Yellow/Black? We’ve not forgotten about you, the Stanno Torino is the answer to all of your colour woes. Boasting an impressive 15 colourways, this versatile shirt accommodates for over 90% of all grassroots team colours.

The beauty of the Stanno Torino is that you’re offered this level of choice, without paying through the nose for it.

Youth LS: £10.88 Adult LS: £13.13
Youth SS: £10.69 Adult SS: £12.74

The shirt is striking in design, and you’re guaranteed to find a team in your league wearing Stanno next year, as more and more people discover the versatility of the entire range. There’s also the added bonus of three nods to the Stanno brand, with the wording below the front neck and the Stanno Stadium logo on both sleeves, switching colour depending on secondary colour of the shirt. From our perspective, it’s the John O’Shea of the match kit world, versatile and can “do a job” across many different scenarios.

And like the Joma kit, you have 12 sizes to choose from to find the perfect fit for you.

nike striker

To Conclude…

We may have only gone over four different match shirts, but we hope we’ve enlightened you on the breadth of product we can supply. Kitlocker offer over 40 different match shirts across the brands highlighted in this article, as well as efforts from brands such as Errea, Gilbert & Canterbury.

How many kits do you see being worn without any printing or embroidery on? Not many, we bet. Which is why we offer this service in house, making the process of ordering personalised match kit seamless. You can find a breakdown of our embellishment costs HERE.

To discover the full range of products that Kitlocker offer, you can find our catalogues page HERE.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about match kits, feel free to give us a call on 01144788749. Alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll respond within one working day.

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