Kitlocker Juniors are a new under 11s grassroots football team based in Sheffield. We caught up with them at their training base as they prepare for the start of their very first season as a club. Check out the video below…

The new club are looking to give kids in Sheffield the opportunity to have as much fun as possible playing the game, whilst also building confidence and developing their skills on the pitch. They also want to provide kids with a standard of coaching that wouldn’t be available at most grassroots football clubs.

Dr Rob Wilson is the Chairman and Treasurer of the club – “The purpose of KL Juniors is to raise the standard of grassroots football through training and preparation and to give them an opportunity to make friends for life”.

“We want to create an environment where they are enjoying more than just what happens on the pitch, making friends off it and just generally having a good time”.

Creating a positive environment is something that is key to Rob and everyone involved at the club, in order to allow the players to be the best that they can be. This is something which is echoed by manager Sean Wilson – “If it needs to get serious it will get serious, but it’s still fun”.

kitlocker juniors coaching

Qualitas coach Ryan Collins has also joined the setup and is impressed by the ability of the players- “It’s a great group of kids and they are all mates with each other which helps, but there are some really talented boys in the group as well.”

The team also want to be positive in terms of their playing style, as Rob went on to describe- “we will be very attacking, they like to play in the opposition’s third. They like to score lots of goals but they are quite a solid defensive unit as well.”

Rob is also really happy with the way the team has come together in such a short space of time – “They are loving it, the relationships they seem to be building, the teamwork and the vocal encouragement on the pitch is something I’ve really noticed.”

“They are generally very, very happy on the field and making lots of memories.”

The lads have been kitted out by and Nike, and when it comes to opinions on the kit, we should look no further than the players wearing it. The verdict is good, central midfielder Alfie certainly approves anyway – “I love the brand Nike and it looks cool”.

Kitlocker Juniors are joining the second division of the Sheffield and District Junior Sunday League and will be kicking off their season on the 2nd of September at home to Treeton Terriers.

Keep up to date with how the lads are getting on by following them on twitter @KitlockerJFC

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