Welcome to the first of our new blog series, Kitlocker.com Club Focus.

We’re lucky enough to work with some incredible clubs. They span loads of different sports, ranging from grassroots clubs in the community right through to elite and professional organisations.

We want to shine a spotlight on them, what they do and what they have achieved. As well as looking at how our products and services have helped them along the way.

We’re kicking things off by chatting to Dave Rodgers from Treeton Cricket Club 🏏

Who are Treeton CC?

Treeton CC have three senior men’s sides all playing their home games at their Washfield Lane cricket ground in the heart of Treeton.

The 1st XI compete in the ECB Yorkshire Cricket Southern Premier Division, finishing 3rd in 2021 and reaching the Viking Cup semi-finals and the 2nd XI compete in Division 2. The Sunday Development side then play in the Barnsley & District Cricket League.

The club also runs a thriving junior section with a rich history of bringing juniors through into the senior teams. In recent seasons the club has also developed a women’s side, the Treeton Go Greens who have enjoyed some good success in indoor and softball competitions.

Treeton CC is also home to England Over 50s and number 1 over 50s all rounder in the world, Stephen Foster.


How have you got your club to where it is now?

The club has got to where it is now through the amazing hard work and determination of numerous members, players and volunteers over many years.

This includes coaching of the junior sessions, groundsman work on the pitch & outfield and any other work that needs carrying out around the ground.

We also have had a fantastic club ethos and spirit for many years which has continually developed and helped attract players and opportunities to the club including hosting a Yorkshire CCC disability team fixture this coming summer.

Does your club have a unique selling point? And if so, what is it?

We like to think that the unique selling point of the club is trying to get as many local lads as possible into the men’s 1st and 2nd teams.

We want and encourage people to be invested in the club for a long period of time. We’ve also recently added a women’s team, the Treeton Go Greens so we can really be a cricket club for the whole community.

Tell us a little about your club’s current kit.

We currently have a mix of adidas Core 18 and adidas Squadra 21 products on the club store, as well as a couple of other additions outside of these ranges, through the Treeton CC page on the wider CCS online store.

The quality of the adidas ranges are great and everyone at the club has been over the moon with the items they’ve bought, including quality of the item and quality of embellishment as we have three different customisations across our products; embroidery, vinyl printing and DTG printing.

The options of products our members have to purchase is also fantastic and a point the guys really like about the store, for example different hoodie options, training wear and leisure tee’s.

Has your kit (and Kitlocker), helped establish your club’s identity?

I would say yes, massively. It’s great having everyone turn up to games and training in the same kit. It really helps give the club and our teams an identity around the leagues, and having the one online area to purchase it all from is a huge help. 

Has a uniformed look opened up any new opportunities?

The first year we switched into the adidas Core 18 range we landed a brand new sponsorship deal with a local business. we agreed a package for a couple of years solely for our trainingwear range, which is something the club has never had before.

Having the trainingwear range available as a separate range to purchase online was a massive help in this.

Has your online store alleviated any stresses with kit ordering?

It’s massively relieved the stress on the unlucky person who has in previous years been tasked with collating size requirements from players, placing a bulk order and collecting peoples cash.

Having the online store allows all our players and members to purchase at their own leisure, at any stage throughout the year.

How have you found the quality of the printing & embroidery?

The quality is really good. Everyone likes the traditional embroidery of the club badge and people have been really impressed with the DTG sponsor print and club tonal print on our training tee. It really elevates the shirt and the guys have loved the design.

Have you been happy with the product range on offer?

The adidas ranges are really good and have proved popular with our members. We started with the Core 18 range and have more recently added the Squadra 21 products on to the store.

Tim and Joe from Kitlocker were really helpful in updating any products. We also have the classic gilet and Kitlocker Icon Tee available which are other great options for people to purchase. We love the design of our Kitlocker Icon Tee’s!  Adding the white Kookaburra floppy hat has also been a top addition!


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