Best adidas Football Boots

There are many types of football boots these days and many manufacturers. But one of the oldest, most established and most masterful in the art of making football boots is of course adidas.


The sight of those famous three stripes on the side of a boot is one of the most familiar in football. Football boots have developed on a yearly basis thanks to new technologies and materials and adidas have been at the forefront of that. But one thing has stayed the same. You can always rely on a pair of adidas boots.


This guide will take a look at the best that the German brand currently has to offer, what to look for in a football boot and which are best for you.




What to Look for in a Football Boot


Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to football boots. Thankfully, there are lots and lots of different types of boots with different features and benefits. Here are a few of the things to consider when looking for your next pair:


  • Price: This is of course always an important factor when purchasing anything. There are lots of different price points when it comes to football boots and you’ll often see differently priced tiers of each model. The difference between a lower priced boot and a higher priced one is often the material. A higher priced boot generally will be made of more expensive material, whether that’s high-tech plastics or leather. This usually means that they are more durable. But if you don’t have the budget for this, don’t despair. Even entry level adidas boots are of high quality and won’t let you down. Plus, you can often find premium level boots at discounted prices on sale.


  • Surface Type: You’ll often see boots described in different ways based on the type of playing surface they are designed for. It’s important to keep your footing throughout the match so choose your boots wisely. There are a range of adidas football boots for all occasions. Firm ground boots for harder grass pitches, normally in the summer. Soft ground studs for softer, muddier grass pitches. Artificial boots for artificial pitches. Simple really!


  • Style: There are lots of types of boots to suit lots of types of player and tastes. You can find more traditional, plain black, leather boots for the purists. These are usually leather and suit a no-nonsense type of player. Wearers of this type of boot are usually evangelical about them due to their higher levels of comfort. Meanwhile, modern boots are made of lightweight technical materials, often lace-free and come in a range of bright and brazen colours. Stereotypically these are the boots of choice for technical, forward thinking players who like to stand out from the crowd. Whichever style you prefer, it goes without saying that adidas have you covered with a number of choices.





Best adidas Football Boots by Position


Different types of players prefer different types of boots. There’ll always be mavericks who go against the grain, but you can usually tell what type of player someone is by what they have on their feet. Here is our take on the best adidas boots for each of the key positions: defenders, midfielders and strikers. Before all of you goalkeepers start complaining, we all know that you guys are a little bit different and refuse to be pigeonholed.


Best adidas Football Boots for Defenders: adidas World Cup & Copa Mundial


Football is changing. Full backs are more like attacking players these days. But if we’re talking centre backs, we’re usually talking old school boots. Black, leather boots are normally the order of the day for this position. You wouldn’t go into battle with light, flimsy armour and neither should defenders! They need something strong and durable.


Our recommendation is the famous adidas World Cup boots. They’ve been around for decades and for good reason. They’re made with premium quality k-leather which comes from kangaroo hide. Before you ask, no they won’t make you better in the air but they will last as long as you want them to. They are designed with comfort and durability in mind with a little understated, retro style thrown in. These are soft ground (SG) boots with traditional studs. If you’re after something for firm surfaces (FG) you’ll want the adidas Copa Mundial which are essentially the same boots but with moulded studs.


A bit out of your price range? No problem. Take a look at the adidas Kaiser 5 Cup boots which are very similar but are made with full grain leather, rather than k-leather. Also available in a firm ground version.




Best adidas Football Boots for Midfielders: adidas Predator 20.3


Midfielders come in many different shapes, sizes and playing styles. So they need a boot which covers all bases. Something which is suitable for both a midfield scrap and powering the engine room of the team. Whilst also suitable for the more creative side of the game. Midfielders are generally all-rounders. So they need a boot that reflects that.


With all of that in mind, the adidas Predator is the perfect boot for a midfielder. It was originally designed and created by ex-Liverpool midfielder Craig Johnston in the 90s. It was then made famous by one of the greatest English midfielders of all time, David Beckham.


The Predator has since evolved and gone through many facelifts and redesigns. The current incarnation is one of the best. There is one feature which perhaps catches the eye the most and sets it apart from it’s predecessors. That feature is the sock-like extension which goes up the ankle and adds extra support. Unlike the original, the boot is made from a synthetic material rather than leather. It’s micro-textured upper helps aid ball control and ultimately control the game from the middle. We’re currently offering these boots at 15% off RRP. You won’t get a better pair of boots for under £70 anywhere. 



Best adidas Football Boots for Strikers: adidas X 19.2


Strikers, like every position, come in various guises: big target men, goal poachers, speed merchants. Whatever type of striker you are, you all have one thing in common. You all love scoring goals and being the main man. You also love to stand out and let your personality show in every way. That means through your boots too. Most strikers also tend to go for something lightweight to keep them as fleet footed as possible when evading opposition defenders.


We’ve picked a pair of boots that only someone who bangs 20+ goals a season could wear. We can’t imagine a defender in them, it would just be wrong. The boots we’re talking about are the adidas X 19.2. Yes, they are pink and white. Yes, your Dad won’t approve. But if you’ve got the skills to back it up, we reckon you can pull them off. They are super-lightweight to help you achieve maximum velocity when breaking away.


If these are a bit out of your price range then why not give the adidas X Ghosted.3 a spin? Also designed for speed, and equally as in your face, but priced at less than £60.




Frequently Asked Questions


Still got a nagging question about adidas football boots? Maybe we can help.


  • How do I clean my adidas football boots?

Cold water and a soft brush should do the job. Most people use a toothbrush as it’s good for getting into all of the nooks and crannies. Be careful not to brush too hard as this can damage the material. Once clean, leave them to dry somewhere cool. If leather, don’t put them in the sun or on a radiator as this can dry them out. Most boots will come with specific washing instructions, so be sure to read them before cleaning.


  • Do adidas make football boots for kids?

Of course! Most models of adidas boots come in kids sizes, although the design may vary slightly to accommodate smaller feet! Check out the adidas X Ghosted.3 Junior for a great pair of children’s football boots.


  • Which adidas boots should I wear for 5-a-side?

It depends on the type of surface. 5-a-side is normally played on synthetic pitches these days (the type with the fake grass and those annoying black rubber bits). In which case your best bet is a pair of firm ground boots. Sometimes referred to as “moulded” studs. The adidas Copa Mundial are a classic of the genre.


  • How long do adidas football boots last?

Well, that’s partly down to you. All adidas boots are made to last. But the more you are willing to spend on the boots, the longer they’ll last as a general rule. And the other factor is how well you look after them. Leather boots can last for as long as you want them to if looked after properly. Use a leather treatment product on a semi-regular basis to really get the most out of them.