Testimonials from a few of our many valued customers

Sporting Duet Academy, Nike Partner Club

"We have been delighted to move to Kitlocker's user-friendly online platform. Being able to select from such a wide range of stock, fully branded and with initials adds huge value to our client offering. The orders and payments being placed online takes the responsibility off us, and the saving on storage costs has been substantial. We'd definitely recommend to other clubs."

University of Northampton

"Kitlocker have been servicing our Sport Degrees at the University of Northampton for over a year now - we've had excellent service from the online store and account manager Oli, who responds to any queries we have had very promptly.

We've been impressed with how easy the students and staff members are able to order through the online platform: it is great to see the University brand all around campus and the students think the kit for 2016/17 has been a great improvement from the previous supplier."

Clapham Rangers FC, Nike Partner Club

"Our club set up an online store with Kitlocker for the first time this season and it has been an over-riding success. We still manage the orders for team kits but out-sourcing the leisurewear has saved the club money as we no longer need to carry items of stock and, more importantly in the absence of a club house, find somewhere to store it.

Players and their parents are able to order what they want online and get it delivered straight to their door. It also means we have been able to offer a larger range of items and, indeed, offer those items in a greater range of sizes; parents have been buying the same leisurewear as their kids which was great to see at matches and at our end of season awards day (although some kids have complained that this is cramping their style!).

Using the Nike range of leisurewear with our logo has really given our club a more recognisable profile this season. The leisurewear is optional for players but the ease of having the system online for all team members to access to their own schedule (especially at Christmas and for Birthdays) means the decision making is back with the players and their families."

Manchester Football Association

"Manchester FA have been working with Kitlocker as our preferred supplier for over 2 years now and they have now established themselves as the leading Nike supplier in the country. The relationship has been built safe in the knowledge that Kitlocker provide a professional and efficient service which makes them the perfect fit to supply clubs in Manchester.

At Manchester FA we partner with organisations that can bring you value, support and enhance your grassroots experience, hence Kitlocker being our preferred supplier. I hope that you will enjoy your partnership with Kitlocker and I look forward to watching the club go from strength to strength."