Team-Kitlocker Programme

What is the Team-Kitlocker Programme?

In joining the Team-Kitlocker programme we are committing to support your club/university/college/organisation with additional service support, reward benefits and added value initiatives.

The Programme is aimed at those clubs, schools, colleges, universities and organisations that require the dedicated support associated with larger order volumes. Not only that, the Programme allows us to show our appreciation to our loyal customers by rewarding them for their continued business, whilst also assisting with direct promotional material, dedicated online store set up, brand support and additional added value work.

The Benefits of being part of Team-Kitlocker?

The Kitlocker Associate Scheme offers the following benefits to our larger teamwear customers:

A dedicated online store.

Online Stores for T-K clubs will sit on their own unique platform, can have their own dedicated URL, and can be linked from your site. The store will be populated with a product range that you select, in your colours and including your logo/s, sponsors, and any personalisation options you require. Learn more in our Online Store guide HERE.

Personalised service.

Team-Kitlocker customers receive further support from our service team, including a dedicated Account Manager, who can offer help with samples, sizing, placing orders, product detail and customisation set ups.

Royalty Structure.

This means, with each order, you will generate a ‘royalty’ to offset against future orders. We can get creative with how we apportion the royalty, so for example we can either provide the club/college/uni with a budget that can be used to purchase match wear, or staff kit. Alternatively we can create discount vouchers for the store, that club members can use to offset future orders.

Referral Royalty.

A large amount of our new business comes in the form of referrals, and if you have colleges/universities/clubs in your network and want to refer them, we will provide a referral royalty in the form of budget towards new kit.

Free products to add additional value to your order.

Depending on your projected spend, we can look at providing Team-Kitlocker clients with a budget to put towards free product. This may help to kit out the club committee, teaching staff or elite athlete programme.

Top discount level on products.

Team-Kitlocker clients will also benefit from the best possible discounts on all of the brands that we supply.

Free logo set ups.

On new orders we will need to set up your logo for printing or embroidery which normally incurs a set up fee. Team-Kitlocker customers receive this service free of charge.

Brand Support.

Where possible we will work with the brand that you have chosen for your products (e.g. Nike, adidas or Canterbury) and leverage their marketing support. This could be in the form of match tickets, experience days, product demonstrations, internships/placements, branding advice etc.

Marketing Material Support.

We will produce internal imagery and video to help promote the partnership (in the form of e-flyers, newsletters, social media posts etc), you will also be able to use this to promote your club/college/organisation. All that we ask of you is that you help us to distribute any marketing material; via social media, mailing lists, text messaging etc.

Performance Reports.

Clients that adopt our online store offering will receive monthly site performance reports, which for our Team-Kitlocker clients will include a breakdown of any royalties generated. These reports will provide you with analytics data, indicating the number of site users, conversion rates, top performing products, month to month performance and a whole host of other information.

Stock Holding.

As part of Team-Kitlocker we will look to hold your key product lines in stock in our warehouse, rather than being reliant on our suppliers stock holding. This will eliminate the risk of products being out of stock with our suppliers and will also help to reduce delivery times.

Sizing Samples & Fitting Sessions.

Where relevant we will provide you with sizing samples and assistance with fitting sessions for your club/student user base. This is incredibly important for getting your members/students sizing correct when placing orders.

Control your Identity.

The online store is a great way to build and maintain your organisations identity. Through creating unique range(s) of products, your club members, students, staff can simply shop a range of items with your specific branding, safe in the knowledge that these will not change.

If you are a newly formed club, or are going through a re-brand we can also help with advice on how best to create a brand identity that will work on your product range.

Who is Eligible for the Team-Kitlocker Programme?

We are currently recruiting to the Team-Kitlocker Programme, so if you have a club, school, college or university that has a requirement for product on an on-going basis please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and one of our Sales Team will discuss the options.

Register your interest in Team-Kitlocker

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started, or phone us at 0114 275 6860 to speak to one of our team.