Campus Online Store

Why have a Campus Online Store?

Campus online stores simplify the process of ordering uniforms and teamwear, enabling students to easily access branded clothing for their particular school, college or university and their related sports teams, including their own personalisations.

Your online store will sit on its own unique domain, and will include branding that is specific to your school/college or university. Our e-commerce platform has been refined to allow for quick and easy navigation and ordering for the student - including mobile optimisation.

Your store will be set up, run and fully maintained by Kitlocker. This means that the only involvement that the school, college or uni has with the store is in the initial process of selecting the products that they wish to carry in the store and suppling us with any logos that are required to be printed or embroidered onto the garments.

Your online store can be configured to factor in multiple areas/ranges, for example, age groups, courses, or students & staff.  We can build package bundles of products, and all items can be individually personalised with printed initials or embroidered names. Commission & royalty structures can also be built in, which will be dependent on the level of projected spend.

Kitlocker online sites are mobile optimised, making it easy to access your online store on mobiles, tablets and desktops, 365 days a year.

The Benefits of a Campus Online Store

In a nutshell, a Kitlocker online store takes the hassle and admin out of ordering and supplying uniforms and teamwear.

We are experienced in quickly and efficiently supplying to many educational bodies, ensuring that students can easily access and purchase the correct training-wear, leisurewear, accessories and equipment,. This means that not only willyour students all feel part of the ‘campus identity’, they will also have no excuse for wearing an incorrect PE kit!

The main benefits of a Kitlocker campus online store are:

  1. An online store removes administration, taking away the time and stress of the campus staff having to process complicated teamwear orders and deal with multiple individual payments. With an online store, the student is responsible for selecting, paying for and arranging delivery of their purchase.
  2. We offer a comprehensive range of products, meaning that students can select from a range of sports specific and general campus branded products to meet their personal size and colour requirements. Brands include Nike, adidas, Errea, Canterbury, Stanno, Joma, Gilbert and Grays.
  3. Kitlocker will endeavour to hold stock of your key product lines, tailoring this to the key times of the year. If you have an item/s that you would like to be compulsory for students to wear, we can make sure we have these in stock.
  4. By offering a unique range of products for your college/school/university, you will be able to create and maintain your college identity by controlling the products that your students have access to.
  5. When an order is placed, the student can see Real-Time stock levels, enabling them to check whether products are in stock and giving realistic time frames for deliveries.
  6. We offer a full Live Chat support, phone and email service, allowing the student to liaise directly with our sales support team if they require any additional help with the ordering and payment process.
  7. Setting up a Kitlocker Online Store is completely free! Not only that, depending on the brand you choose, your club members will receive between 15-25% off RRP on all orders.

Setting up your Campus Online Store

Kitlocker online stores are incredibly easy to set up, all you need to do is:

  1. Select items from our comprehensive range to suit the requirements of your school/college/university. This may include:
  • School uniform
  • Staff uniform
  • Sports Club specific teamwear
  • Garments branded with your logo
  • Any additional sporting equipment or accessories you require

We aim to make this as easy as possible, with our support team on hand to help and advise you with your selections. You can also add or remove items from the range as you go.

  1. Provide us with any logos that you want printing or embroidering onto your teamwear.
  1. Then, let us do the rest!

It should only take a matter of days to get a range up online.Our in-house marketing team can assist you with promotional content (newsletters, posters, e-flyers, social media visuals etc) to help spread the word across the campus that their new online store is up and running.

Deliveries from your Campus Online Store

As with most online shopping sites, all orders from our stores are individually bagged with multiple shipping options. Delivery times are generally 2-4 weeks from the point of order. If feasible we can arrange a delivery/collection service on campus.

Maintaining your Campus Online Store

One of the big benefits of Kitlocker online stores is that all site maintenance is purely our responsibility. Once you have selected the products that you want to stock, the rest is down to us! If you wish to change the products on the site, simply get in touch with our sales team and we will make the necessary amends.

Register your Interest in a Campus Online Store

Please drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin setting up your online store, or speak to us over the phone by calling 0114 275 6860.