Welcome to Kitlocker.com’s Kits of the Month for February!

As you know, we make some absolutely stunning kits here at Kitlocker HQ. And we reckon that it’s a massive shame that most of you never get to set eyes on them. So we’re giving some of our favourites the attention they deserve on a monthly basis.

If your kit hasn’t been included please don’t be offended. It’s probably just because we didn’t get chance to take any snaps before shipping out your order. Send us some pics if you think we’ve missed a banger of a kit and we might feature it in the following month’s list.

Some of the kits leaving the building this month have been a joy to behold. So let’s take a look at some of the best of the bunch 👇

Oxford Varsity Football

Varsity time is coming and up and down the country, Uni sports clubs are preparing to do battle with their fiercest rivals. We love doing our bit by providing them with unique Varsity kits to wear with pride.

This is one of our favourite Varsity kits so far. This Nike kit in Oxford’s traditional navy blue will be worn when their football club take on their Cambridge counterparts in March.

Good luck Blues! 💪

Barnsley Aces

A rare appearance for a netball kit in Kits of the Month. But if this one is anything to go by then we’re all for more netball gear being included from now on!

Barnsley Aces’ new dresses, made by Kitlocker.com, feature their brilliant Ace-styled team logo and an eye-catching sublimated design.

Rosemary Gardens

This is a 2nd appearance for Rosemary Gardens in Kits of the Month. Their previous entry in January 2022 gave us massive LA Galaxy vibes.

Their new kit is a little more subtle but just as good in our opinion. That navy and gold colour combo just hits the spot 😍

Fulham United FC

No Kits of the Month is complete these days without a lovely bit of Umbro! Fulham United have duly delivered on that front and will be looking wonderful in white this season.

Following a similar colour scheme to their Premier League neighbours, Fulham United have gone for a classic Umbro design. That detailing on the short sleeve cuff is a small thing that makes a big difference for us kit lovers 👏

Hermitage VC

This is definitely looking like the month of the Navy kit!

The navy, red and gold colour scheme on this one is making us think of Belgium but Hermitage VC have an identity all of their own.

The Leicestershire based club have opted for Errea, one of the biggest names in the sport, for their new kit. A great choice 👌

Bee Inspired Football Club

If there’s one thing we love as much as football kits at Kitlocker HQ, it’s wordplay.

Bee Inspired FC feature a Bee as the main part of their brilliant team crest. Plus, that honeycomb inspired DTG print on this Nike Park shirt is a great touch 🐝

Get in Touch 🗣

Like what you see? Maybe you could be in next month’s edition of Kits of the Month.

Plus, keep your eyes peeled for kits of the year, coming soon 👀

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