Welcome to Kitlocker.com’s Kits of the Month for January!

As you know, we make some absolutely beautiful kits here at Kitlocker HQ. And we reckon that it’s a crying shame most of you never get to see them. So we’re giving some of our favourites the attention they deserve on a monthly basis.

If your kit hasn’t been included please don’t be offended. It’s probably just because we didn’t get chance to take any snaps before shipping out your order. Send us some pics if you think we’ve missed a banger of a kit and we might feature it in the following month’s list.

Our customers started 2022 in style! Some of the kits leaving the building this month have been a joy to behold. So let’s take a look at some of the best of the bunch 👇

Llangynwyd Rangers

I think we’ll just call them ‘Rangers’…

One thing we can say (unlike the name of this team) is that this kit is one to savour. Green is an underrated kit colourway in our opinion. And that #PowerUp print, with the sponsor nicely incorporated, only elevates this Nike Park kit.

And the team crest is very easy on the eye and a nice match colour-wise. Up the Rangers!

Hamilton Panthers

Hamilton Panthers have shown how the magic of #PowerUp can completely transform a shirt.

If you can’t find a shirt that comes with your club’s particular stripes, then simply make one with #PowerUp!

We’ve added the yellow stripes to this Nike Park shirt to create something perfect for the Panthers.

Rosemary Gardens

No, we haven’t started supplying LA Galaxy.

This is the new kit from London-based side Rosemary Gardens FC. And just look at it 😍

It brings back all of those memories from David Beckham’s early days in MLS, and is a stunning kit in it’s own right.

This bespoke design has been created using adidas miTeam. Get in touch with [email protected] for more info.

Brighouse Town

They say that orange is the new black. But we reckon orange and black together is a winning combination.

Brighouse Town’s Nike home kit is a perfect example of that. The black central beam is a real classy touch, with the sponsor perfectly integrated into the design.

Norsemen FC

Great club name, great team, great badge and a great kit. 

Edmonton based Norsemen FC have gone for a striking royal blue for their home kit. Complete with a #PowerUp print to add some extra spice.

Get in Touch 🗣

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Plus, keep your eyes peeled for kits of the year, coming soon 👀

Click the link below or get in touch with our team at [email protected] to get the ball rolling on your new kit.

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