launch Team Kitlocker, one of the few businesses documenting the trials and tribulations of a football team.

As we’re sure you are aware, we are the lead partner of Youtube & Sunday league stars, Palmers FC, where the logo sits proudly on the front of both the home and away shirt. As our ongoing relationship with Palmers stalwart Matt ‘Smiv’ Smith continues, an opportunity arose for both Palmers teams to play a Kitlocker 11 at a venue which would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many amateur football players. Having invested time, money and people into a marketing department within Kitlocker, our aim has been to break free of the pick up the phone, sell discount football kit, repeat, business that the teamwear industry is renowned for.

Alex and Oli who head up the marketing team, used this opportunity to form ‘Team Kitlocker’, a football team made up entirely of players who have or currently work at We could ramble on about the benefits of doing this for a while, but our main aim has been to assist building the company as a brand and community, in line with the company’s year on year financial growth. It has allowed us to put into practice our own expertise as a company to produce a kit that any team would be proud of wearing, while interacting with our followers to get their opinion and feedback on designs.

As you can see above, we ended up using a follower submitted logo for the Team Kitlocker crest, a decision we’re sure you’ll agree with.

Taking a leaf out of the Palmers handbook, we’ve aimed to document and tell the story of the players, as you can see by meeting the players. Every company has people working hard behind the scenes that no one publicly knows about, we are changing that. The idea of one of our junior sales team members linking up in midfield with our production manager sounded like too good an opportunity to miss. In fact, the reaction to Team Kitlocker internally from our 50+ strong staff has been so positive, that we’ve had to split the team into two to face our Youtube friends.

We’ve talked about Team Kitlocker being a branding exercise for ourselves, however we see this unique project as a modern and innovative way of interacting with partners, customers and potential customers alike. Not many people get the chance to watch themselves back on camera at a grassroots and amateur level, until now. The aim post-Palmers is to arrange fixtures against key partners that we work with, such as the University of Sheffield & County FA’s such as Manchester, Cheshire & London at interesting venues across the UK.


Rather than Team Kitlocker become a ‘flash in the pan’, we’re entering into a Sheffield based 5/6 a side league where we’ll document games throughout the season, serving up regularly content for our growing subscriber base, along with key moments that have happened at that week. We’ll be giving viewers the opportunity to win shirts & prizes throughout the project too, so make sure you’re following us on all the typical social media channels.

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