Best adidas Football Kits by Style: Plain, Striped & Custom

Whatever your team's style is, adidas have got it covered. With the huge range of kits provided by the brand it can be difficult to pick just one out. To make it easier, we're going to break down the best adidas kits in three key styles:


In this guide:



Best Plain adidas Football Kits


Perhaps plain is the wrong term to use when it comes to adidas. Every adidas match kit comes with top-flight design and quality as standard. But sometimes less is more when it comes to football shirts, especially when you're adding club logos and sponsors into the mix. 


adidas Entrada 18



Probably the most popular option in this category is the adidas Entrada 18 (from £8.19), and it's easy to see why:


  • Low price point for those working on a budget but doesn't compromise on quality. 
  • Classic three stripes down the sleeves make it instantly recognisable as being the work of adidas.
  • Available in a range of colours including the ever popular red, blue and white.


But what about the shorts and socks? Well, you can't go wrong with the Parma 16 shorts (from £7.46). Another bargain with simple style. And with that in mind, the adidas Milano 16 socks (from £5.95) are a perfect match.


adidas Tiro 19



If you're shopping at the other end of the price scale, then you might want to take a look at the adidas Tiro 19 shirt (from £26.21). Every inch of this match shirt screams quality and helps to justify the slightly higher price point. From the subtle all-over sublimated pattern to the sweat-wicking Climalite fabric.


We recommend teaming up this shirt with Regista 18 shorts (from £10.77), which come complete with alternate colour side stripes and bottom trim. Finish the kit off nicely with with some adisock 18 socks (from £9.71). If these kits don't quite fit the bill for your team, then check out the full range of adidas kits. You'll find something for all budgets and requirements.


If these kits don't quite fit the bill for your team, then check out the full range of adidas kits. You'll find something for all budgets and requirements. 



Best Striped adidas Football Kits


Inspired by Inter Milan or Atletico Madrid? West Brom? No didn't think so. But if striped kits are your team's thing then adidas have that covered too. There's only one adidas striped shirt in the current range but when it's as good as this one is, it's all that you need.


adidas Striped 19



The originally titled adidas Striped 19 shirt (from £13.46) is everything that you'd expect from a modern striped football shirt. The shirt is given a contemporary twist with a sublimated pattern on every second stripe.


There are six great colour combinations available including red and black, black and white and blue and black. The stripe-free back of the garment is perfect for printed shirt numbers.


Sometimes there's a lot going on with a striped jersey so simple is the way to go with the rest of the kit. In that case, we'd recommend again the adidas Parma 16 shorts (from £7.46) with the Santos 18 socks (from £6.95) for your team.We reckon the three stripes down the back of these socks is a lovely touch.



Custom adidas Football Kits


If none of the kits above are quite what you're team is after then maybe it's time to take your match kit to the next level. We've got a couple of options for teams looking to take their kits up a notch with bespoke designs.






Firstly,we've got our very own #PowerUp service. Using our revolutionary and industry leading technology we can turn any adidas teamwear kit into something completely custom. Whether you choose one of our Ready-To-Go designs or you have something more Bespoke in mind, you can have it your way.


Our favourite shirts to #PowerUp are the adidas Entrada 18 (from £8.19) and the Tabela 18 (£11.21). Their simple, understated designs make them the perfect blank canvas to get creative with. But the beauty of #PowerUp is that it's completely up to you. You can make your choice from any adidas football shirt.


adidas miTeam



Alternatively, it might be worth checking out adidas's own custom football kit building platform adidas miTeam. If you're as obsessed with football kits as we are, you can have hours of fun with miTeam.


Once you've finished designing your dream kit, you'll be asked to select your preferred retailer. Choose and a member of our sales team will be in touch with you ASAP to complete the process.


Printing & Embroidery



Some of the kits in the adidas range do the talking for themselves and are pretty close to perfection already. And some of you just like to keep it simple with a logo, sponsor and shirt numbers. To cater for that, we have our in-house printing and embroidery service. 


Printing and embroidery is our bread and butter. We've been applying high quality embroidered team logos for over 15 years and this is still an incredibly popular option for grassroots football teams. Got a sponsor? No problem. We offer single colour or multi-colour sponsor prints. Not to mention printed numbers in a vast range of typefaces.


Put simply, if you have something that you want putting onto a football shirt then we can do it. Read our Printing and Embroidery Pricing Information or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote.



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