Welcome to the next instalment of our new series of podcasts, the Kitlocker.com Club Series!

Over the last couple of months we’ve chatted to some fascinating people from a wide range of areas within grassroots football and beyond.

In this episode, we spoke to Emma Eaton from East Surrey Girls and Michael Taylor from Euxton Girls FC, both have had incredible success in growing their clubs to be the number one in their area.

We talk about what challenges they’ve faced, and what solutions they’ve applied to overcome them. We also talk about the pathway for girls and what they do once they get to an age which the team no longer operates. 

We ask a host of questions including things such as whether they’ve had access to sponsors outside of the norm (due to being girls only clubs), whether they’re recruiting female coaches and more.

We also get insight into how they compete with mixed and boys only clubs, whether that be on the sponsor front or more importantly, pitch availability. 

Watch/listen below on YouTube or Spotify. The choice is yours.

If you enjoyed this podcast, you can find the whole Kitlocker.com Club Series on Spotify.

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