So we’re starting a podcast… because why not? 🤷‍♂️

At Kitlocker we’re in the fortunate position to be able to work with some incredibly talented people on a daily basis. Whether that’s content creators, professional athletes or even some of our own staff and customers.

We’ve decided that it was about time that you got to know them as well as we do. Everyone has a story to tell and we guarantee that you will learn something interesting from each free podcast. If not, you can have your money back…

Introducing… Mike Kent 🤝

For our first step towards becoming a globe conquering media outlet, we’re keeping it close to home (literally), with Managing Director Mike Kent. The man who, alongside his fellow MD Tom Ward, started Kitlocker out of their volleyball coach’s spare room 14 years ago.

He’s also the man with the silkiest voice in teamwear. So if you’re feeling stressed and need to unwind then it’s definitely worth a listen.

We discuss the early days of the business, as well as the present and the future of We also talk about what being an entrepreneur means (Mike says that he isn’t one), “penny drop” moments, advice to the next generation of Mike Kent’s and much, much more.

Have a listen via Spotify below. Or if you fancy some visuals, watch out for the YouTube video coming soon. Enjoy!

Up Next ➡

P.S. You might be wondering who we’ve got lined up for the next episodes of the podcast. We’ll be chatting kit with Sheffield United skipper Billy Sharp fresh off the back of scoring his first Premier League goal for his boyhood club. 

It’s another great listen, covering topics such as THAT goal, all things Sheff Utd, digging out teammates and where he does his big shop (you might be surprised). So keep your eyes peeled 👀

That’ll be followed by a chat with up and coming shirt designer Niran Yesufu, founder of The Concept Club. Niran gives us some fascinating insights into the wonderful world of football shirt design and the ups and downs of starting your own brand.

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