“In 2 years time, if it’s a choice between dropping down the leagues and playing with my mates, I’ll be playing with my mates.”

We told you we’d be back soon with another Podcast. But how do you follow Kitlocker’s own Mike Kent? How about with English football’s leading goal scorer of the 21st century? So here’s Sheffield United Captain and Football League (now Premier League) goal scoring sensation, Billy Sharp…

We’ve been working with Billy for a few years now via his “Sharp Shooters” soccer schools. This has given us the privilege of getting to know him a little bit and when we decided to try our hands at this podcasting lark, he was one of the first names on the list.

So we roped him into Kitlocker HQ and stuck him in front of an audience of our staff, many of whom are loyal Blades (including our presenter Oli, as you may notice).


The topics were very varied. We couldn’t not talk about that goal over the weekend. Coming on off the bench for his boyhood club to score a late equaliser on their return to the Premier League.  We also chatted teammates- good trainers, bad trainers and really bad trainers.

We uncovered the world exclusive that this particular Premier League footballer is actually pretty normal and hasn’t lost touch with his roots as a Pistmoor lad.  You might be surprised by his supermarket and airline of choice.

This one is a real gem for not only Sheffield United fans but football fans in general, as we get to pick the brains of one of the most consistently successful goal scorers across all levels of English football.

Up Next ➡

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a football shirt connoisseur and you’re into your football fashion then you’ve probably heard of The Concept Club. We’ve recently started working with founder, Niran and on one of his flying visits to Sheffield we sat him down to chat some kit.

Keep your eyes peeled for our chat with Niran coming soon to a podcast provider near you 👀

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