Here at, we are fortunate enough to work with a number of interesting clients from a range of different backgrounds. We provide for sports clubs across the world, educational establishments across the United Kingdom and local companies operating within a variety of industries. Not only do we work hard to provide high-quality sportswear, we also ensure that we get to know the people behind the businesses that well sell them to. Peak Sport Massage and Rehabilitation are one of our valued customers.

Established recently within our hometown of Sheffield and ran solely by trained professional Sophie Warman, the company is already thriving. Located within a £5m specialist rehabilitation centre within the city, and having soon developed a reputation amongst the sporting community for the professional service she delivers, Sophie has already had the opportunity to work with some of the finest athletes of their respective disciplines.

Kell Brook and Billy Joe Saunders – both at the very top of the British boxing circuit – are just two of the clients to have recently worked with Peak SMR, with the latter having treatments from the company prior to his recent WBO middleweight title victory against Willie Monroe. With Saunders winning by a unanimous decision in that very fight, it is clear that he was in great condition going into it!

It is not just sporting royalty that Peak SMR work with, however. When Sophie set up the business, it was with the aim of helping others to achieve their goals. Whilst Saunders may be looking towards a potential big-money fight in Las Vegas, there are others who Sophie looks to service who are simply trying to improve their general health.

“As well as the athletes I service, I also have clients who are office workers,” she told us. “These people come to me with aches and pains and – athlete or non-athlete – our bodies are made of the same tissues. I have no doubts that I can help reduce muscular pain and put prevention strategies in place to reduce the likely hood of suffering.”

Although it is Sophie’s aim to make people feel more comfortable, she herself has found herself in challenging situations. Unable to complete her Masters in Physiotherapy due to the expense of circa £28,000 that went with it, Sophie continued to pursue her ambitions and quickly become established in the sports industry. The hard-work that she applied saw her become a Medical Leader at Wembley Stadium by the age of 21 with her local team Grimsby Town, then of the National League.

After furthering her development at the likes of Leicester Tigers, Sheffield United and even Cirque du Soleil, Sophie has eventually found herself where she wants to be: running a business that is dedicated to providing high-quality soft tissue treatments, as well as individualised pain/injury reduction and rehabilitation programmes for all.

Sophie has been working with us since launching Peak Sport Massage and Rehabilitation, and when she is on shift you’ll likely find her in one of our Nike tops with Peak SMR branding applied. We think that the clothing looks both great and professional, and we’re glad to see that she agrees!

From speaking to Sophie, it is clear that Nike’s famous slogan of ‘Just Do It’ aligns with her ‘can-do’ attitude. “As society recognises physiotherapy more than sport rehabilitation I have had to work extra hard to build up a good reputation. I firmly believe on letting my work, and client’s results, speak for themselves”. Judging by the success of Billy Joe Saunders alone, it is safe to say that Sophie is doing a great job.

As well as the famous names and organisations already named, Sophie has also worked with Paul Smith in the build-up to his Ultimate World Junior Strongman Champion 2017 title win in Canada, as well as members from the successful Great British para-badminton team. If you need any further evidence of the fantastic work Sophie is doing for the general public, should you jump onto Peak Sport Massage and Rehabilitation’s Facebook page you’ll see numerous positive reviews;  all of which are nothing less than five stars.

If you are interested in seeing how Sophie can help you first-hand, please feel free to get in touch with her via Peak SMR’s Facebook or Instagram pages. The centre is based at 30 Troutbeck Road, S7 2QA, Sheffield.

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