Welcome to the next instalment of our new series of podcasts, the Kitlocker.com Club Series!

Over the last couple of months we’ve chatted to some fascinating people from a wide range of areas within grassroots football and beyond.

In what ended up being the biggest knowledge bomb of the series, we spoke with Dr Rob Wilson, expert in football finance and founder of Kitlocker Juniors FC. 

Rob talks us through the setup of a new club, and what challenges he has faced in doing so, none more than the club not having a ‘home’ and how they’ve utilised different facilities around Sheffield.

He also shares some fantastic fundraising tips which have helped pay for new kit and trips away for the boys in the summer. One key takeaway from this episode is never saying ‘no’ to any new idea or opportunity thrown their way. 

Watch/listen below on YouTube or Spotify. The choice is yours.

If you enjoyed this podcast, you can find the whole Kitlocker.com Club Series on Spotify.

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