The return of grassroots football is edging closer. Many of you will be thinking about your match kit options for next season.

You’ve probably seen us banging on a lot about #PowerUp over the last year or two. And if you haven’t been paying attention you might be wondering what on earth is #PowerUp? And why should my team do it? Let us explain…

Team Identity 🆔

Well, the answer is simple. It’s team identity. Our suppliers have a consistent track record of creating beautiful and innovative teamwear kits. But what if you want something a bit more unique? What if you don’t want the same kit as five other teams in your league? More and more of you are seeking individuality in your club’s kit and quite frankly we love that.

To fulfil that need, we created #PowerUp. Thanks to the acquisition of some industry leading and revolutionary technology, we have the ability to take a teamwear shirt from Nike, adidas or Puma and uplift it to a level which is normally only available to elite level sport. The idea of a ‘bespoke’ or ‘custom’ kit has always been out of reach for most grassroots clubs. Well not anymore. We think even the smallest teams should be able to showcase their creativity.

We recognise that every club is different. With it’s own colours, style and philosophies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re after kit from a Sunday league football team, village cricket club or CrossFit gym. #PowerUp offers you the opportunity to create something bespoke and true to your identity.

Hastings United used #PowerUp to subtly display their coat of arms on their home shirt and a local iconic image on their away shirt. See for yourself 👇

Help Every Step of the Way 👊

#PowerUp opens a whole new world of possibilities for your kit but don’t be overwhelmed. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to walk you through the process every step of the way. We know that you take pride in your kit, and so you should. So our account managers will work with you on your design until you’re truly in love with what you’ve created.

We’re here to make your vision a reality. Whether that’s through one of our ready-to-go designs, all of which can be printed with integrated sponsors, or something completely bespoke from scratch. Don’t worry if graphic design isn’t your thing, we’ve got some very talented people in-house to do that for you. Just tell them your vision and they’ll bring it to life.

Have a look through some of our favourite ready-to-go designs 👇

Don't just take our word for it 🗣

We’ll leave you with the thoughts of some of our satisfied #PowerUp customers…

St Clears AFC:

“For anyone wanting to turn your standard brand template shirt into a unique and eye catching kit, we recommend using Kitlocker’s #PowerUp option! Helps your teams stand out on the field and a number of excellent designs to choose from.

From the great customer service during the design phase to receiving the finished article, we at St Clears AFC wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this service to all grassroots teams. Very happy customers!”

Hype Train FC:

“We have partnered with Kitlocker since our formation in 2019 and in that short time their products and service has only evolved in a positive direction. Their range of #PowerUp kits, consistently updating with new and unique designs provide unrivaled customisation that is essential for grassroots football clubs.

As a team that produces matchday photography and films every second of our games, Kitlocker’s range and our new green #PowerUp kit, are a match made in heaven when creating a distinct and attractive brand of football.”

Burty’s Ballers FC:

“Kitlocker helps teams look elite in the pitch, with many customisable options during the designing process. They make great quality kits that you can share with your mates.”

Genesis Futsal Club:

“Awesome jersey design by the team at Kitlocker. The jersey is an innovative design which the Genesis players are pleased to be wearing for the new season.”

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