If you don’t know about our revolutionary #PowerUp designs then where on earth have you been the last few months?  Click here to catch yourself up.

Anyway… The first lot went down so well that we’ve come up with three fresh designs for you to choose from. You’ll have seen via our social media accounts that we’ve been powering up kits left, right and centre all summer. And we aren’t finished yet! 🔋

To keep things fresh we’ve added three new designs. Which, like the originals, can be added to any Nike or adidas teamwear kit. This gives you the chance to add a custom element to some already beautiful kits. Elevating your club from Sunday League to Premier League.

So let’s have a look at the new additions to the #PowerUp collection then… 👀

Warpaint is inspired by the tribal nature of football and team sport in general. Wear your club colours with pride across your shirt. A great option for a team looking for a hooped shirt, with a bit of a twist. You can also make the shirt stand out even more by alternating the colours.

The central beam #PowerUp designs have proved incredibly popular. So we decided to add Aero into the mix to add an extra option. Like all of our designs this can be printed as a solid beam or adapted to facilitate any sponsors. You can even stick our logo in there if you fancy it…

Metro is one of the most visually striking designs we’ve created so far and has already proved to be a firm favourite around the office. The horizontal arrow pattern was born out of inspiration from subways, trams and trains (hence the name). Sounds boring, we know, but the print is far from it.

Create Something Special For Your Team 🤯

Have these designs got your creative juices flowing? If so, head to kitlocker.com/powerup where you can find these three new designs alongside their older, but just as beautiful siblings. You can also check out our handy “How To Guide”, which will talk you through the #PowerUp process.

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