A must listen for Palmers FC fans… 🎧

Welcome to the fourth and final podcast from our first bash at this Podcasting thing.  Don’t panic though! We’ll be back soon with a fresh set of Pods. We’ve got some very interesting guests lined up so be sure to keep a close eye on our socials.

For our fourth instalment we had a right good chat with our mate Matt Smith (AKA Smiv from Palmers FC). If you don’t know who Smiv is then listen to the podcast to find out. Basically he’s a very interesting bloke who started a football team, started putting matches on YouTube and the rest is history…

Palmers FC now have over 230,000 subscribers on YouTube and have racked up nearly 59 million views. Not bad for a Sunday League team. As Smiv discusses during the podcast, Palmers videos will look a little different from this season, but you’ll still have all the same characters, drama and banter that turned them into one of the most popular football channels around.

Smiv also has his own channel with 74k subscribers and 6.4 million views in total, with his “On the Road” and “Last Week” series proving very popular with viewers. Speaking of which, check out Smiv’s Last Week video filmed at Kitlocker.com HQ here in Sheffield.

This Podcast is a must listen for Palmers FC fans with topics including- the death and rebirth of Palmers, getting into vlogging, starting a BBQ channel 🤔 and life in the wonderful world of YouTube football.

As mentioned we’re looking forward to chucking some more podcasts into your ears soon, whether you like it or not. But for now… kick back, relax and listen to a bit of Smiv via Spotify below 👇 You can also catch us on Apple and YouTube.

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