Servicing Further Education Since '05

We formed in 2005 with the intention of servicing the educational marketplace with high-quality sportswear. Since then. we have gone on to work with some of the largest and most recognised establishments in the industry. We are proud to work with the universities including those of OxfordPortsmouthBedfordshireGlasgow and Sheffield, amongst others. They’re also partners of the newly launched Kitlocker Univeristy Athlete Scheme, which benefits their most prominent sportspeople.

University Sport, University Life

Sport plays an integral part in the university experience, whether you are participating or supporting from the sidelines. There is no denying how much a Varsity victory over your local rival’s means to students and staff alike. University sport gives students a chance to develop on a new or existing passion in a range of environments. In further education, established disciplines as well as emerging ones such as Korfball and Ultimate Frisbee are prominent. We supply a massive range of clubs with their match kit, trainingwear and leisure-garments.

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The University Athlete Scheme has seen our marketing team meet up with the varying affiliates. It has been great to see of the uptake and interest in the first year of the programme from the eligible universities. Designed with the student in mind, the scheme will help those involved to concentrate on their sport without fretting about the costs associated with it. Each participant has the opportunity to earn gift of kit via self-promotion of their respective stores to fellow students. On top of this, the athletes have received a number of garments to keep them going – courtesy of Kitlocker. From archers to cheerleaders, we have been able to supply stunning kit to those involved.

Branded university sportswear is becoming an increasing demand. If you are to walk anywhere near the parameters of one of our universities, it is highly likely you’ve seen someone wearing our match, training or leisurewear. The clothing we provide the education sector with allows everyone associated within an establishment to voice their pride. By creating the University Athlete Scheme and allowing the athletes to promote their own stores, we hope that the roar becomes even louder.

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University Athlete Scheme Photo Shoots & Interviews

As part of the scheme, we have also been able to arrange a photo shoot with each of the universities. Sport has the power to bring people together. It was clear from the camaraderie on show that this was true with the participants! Despite the varying interests and skill-sets within the groups, it was obvious that the university spirit ran throughout the differing disciplines. We were able to capture some great snaps of the ambassadors in their new printed and embroidered clothing. Some of those involved even got a new profile picture out of the occasion, and we think they look great!

The Univeristy of Oxford and Sport Sheffield athletes that signed up also agreed to sit down for an interview. You will be able to find the video for the former at the top of the page, with the latter HERE. The affiliates discuss how to balance studies and competing successfully. Both are well worth a watch so make sure that you check them out now!

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We’d firstly like to express our gratitude to the Universities involved this year for their help in organising the photo shoots. We’re also thankful for enlisting some influential and charismatic students. Most of all, however, it was a pleasure to meet the scheme members. They will surely go on to achieve great things if their personalities are anything to go by! The University Athlete Scheme will hopefully be launching across more of our universities next year.


Buy Your Personalised Sports Clothing

You can see the available garments online, students of OxfordPortsmouthBedfordshireGlasgowand Sheffield, by clicking the links. Customisable for your sport, our sales team are happy to set up a range if you cannot see yours online. Whether you are new or established club, your kit secretary can look to see what we can do for you. Please email through to [email protected] with your requests and we will be happy to help!