Welcome to the first of our new series of podcasts, the Kitlocker.com Club Series!

Over the last couple of months we’ve chatted to some fascinating people from a wide range of areas within grassroots football. 

First up, we sat down with (virtually) Harrogate Town striker Aaron Martin and Northumberland County FA’s Gary Middleton. 

Aaron talked us through his journey from non-league into the football league, with a Wembley appearance en route.

Gary provided us with insight into what he’s done after football, having enjoyed a long career just below the Football League spanning more than 14 years.

This is a must listen for those looking to make their name in the game, or those who are helping to guide them there. As well as for those thinking about potential career paths post-football.

Watch/listen below on YouTube or Spotify. The choice is yours.

Enjoy this podcast? Well you can find the full series on the Kitlocker.com YouTube channel or Spotify profile.

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