If you’ve been following our socials closely over the last couple of years, then you might already be familiar with some of the work we’ve done with Football Beyond Borders (FBB). 

Towards the end of 2021, our work with them continued when FBB joined us at Kitlocker.com’s HQ. We took their young people through the process of printing and adding the finishing touches to kits they had designed themselves.

So, who are Football Beyond Borders?

For those of you who don’t know about the incredible work FBB does with hundreds of young people every week, let us fill you in! 

FBB was built to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have been disengaged with their education. Their programmes are designed to help with grades and develop long term support, relationships, and skills to aid their transition into adulthood. 

In FBB’s own words “We exist to change the lives of young people. There are thousands of young people who are passionate about football but are not fulfilling their potential in school.”


So what exactly went down at Kitlocker HQ?

For FBB’s visit to us, they brought young people from Year 3 of their girl’s programme and we were delighted to help them finish up their Year 3 project. 

“Year 3 at FBB we work with our young people during the school holidays. With them going into Year 10…we don’t want to disturb them going for all their GCSEs.” – Yolanda, Senior Practitioner, Football Beyond Borders.

Fitting as much as possible into their time in Sheffield, Kitlocker.com prepared activities across the day-long workshop for the young people visiting to engage with. 

Kicking off with a HQ tour, the rest of the day had them holding presentations and explaining the fantastic thoughts, inspirations and backstories behind their designs. Before printing and adding the final touches to their kits, with help from Kitlocker’s production team. 

“A lot of their shirts came with a lot of feminism, being a powerful young woman” – Yolanda, Senior Practitioner, Football Beyond Borders.

After rounding everyone up for a fun photoshoot in the studio, they then joined our marketing team to learn how they could then market their new kits for sale.

Wrapping up how the day went, Roya, a Senior Practitioner from FBB, told us, “everyone’s kind of treated the girls as if they’re celebs for the day which has been sick.”

Like Roya said, it really was a sick day! Don’t believe us? Check out the full wrap up video below!

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