We’ve all read over recent months and years about the struggles of grassroots football clubs and the challenges that they have to face just to keep afloat. It requires a lot of time, hard work and commitment and our hats go off to those involved. This is particularly the case for new clubs trying to build from scratch. For any growing grassroots football club it’s vital to get the right support and have the structures in place to continue developing. One vital source of support open to any club affiliated to a county FA is FA Charter Standard.

Most clubs will be fully aware of the benefits brought by Charter Standard accreditation, but for new clubs or those who simply haven’t considered it, we ask the question “what can Charter Standard do for them?” To find out, we travelled to Rectory Park, home of Middlesex FA, to speak to St Panteleimon FC, a relatively new club who have recently achieved Charter Standard status. To see what they had to say, check out the video below…

What is FA Charter Standard?

Launched in 2001, the FA Charter Standard Programme is The FA’s accreditation scheme open to all grassroots clubs and leagues. It aims to raise standards in the grassroots game and support the development of clubs and leagues.

So how do you go about earning Charter Standard accreditation? Well, with the support of your local County FA it’s pretty straight forward, provided that your club can demonstrate they offer well-run and sustainable football for all. There are of course specific criteria that need to be met, however these are all very achievable should your club have the desire to do so.

Clubs who achieve Charter Standard status must show that they prioritise qualified coaching and safeguarding, as well as the values of The FA’s Respect campaign as part of their game. There are also some facility related criteria that need to be met.

Clubs which achieve The FA Charter Standard accreditation are also challenged to maintain high standards and, where appropriate, to improve and progress to new levels.

The accreditation makes a positive difference to the way clubs are run and to people’s enjoyment of football. Clubs and leagues work in partnership with County FAs to meet the criteria needed to achieve the accreditation.

What would Charter Standard do for my club?

In return for becoming accredited FA Charter Standard, clubs receive access to benefits that help to attract and retain players, volunteers and supporters. The level of support and resources available will depend on the level of accreditation a club achieves. Some of the benefits that clubs experience include:

  • Help to attract and retain players, supporters and volunteers
  • Access to additional funding
  • Access to promotional resources and guidance
  • Tailored support from The FA and County FAs
St Panteleimon FC

To truly understand what Charter Standard means, then the people you really need to speak to are the clubs themselves…

“Charter Standard for us was always a benchmark to aspire to. As soon as we got into the Middlesex FA we then looked at applying to be a Charter Standard club straight away and grew from there”

“We can also use the Three Lions logo on our marketing which helps with our reputation and attracting players but also gives you that boost in confidence that you need as a club for good governance” James Neophytou, Treasurer at St Panteleimon FC

“Charter Standard status is massively important to us. When you’ve got the Charter behind you it underlines the importance of where you want to go as a football club and that’s key”

“Without the FA Charter there’s only so far you can go. It’s important to have structure in a football club, and when you start to tick all those boxes you’d be amazed at the impact it has on the mentality and the attitude of your players” George Frangeskou, Manager of St Panteleimon FC

To see everything the guys from St Panteleimon had to say, check out the full video above.

St Panteleimon FC Ball

If you’re interested in achieving Charter Standard status for your club, or want more info, get in touch with your local County FA by clicking HERE.

Big thanks to everyone at Middlesex FA for their hospitality, as well as the guys from St Panteleimon FC for featuring in our video. To keep track of their quest for a second unbeaten season give them a follow on Twitter.

Whilst we were down in Middlesex we took the chance to have a look around Middlesex FA’s new home, Rectory Park. Check it out here.

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