If you haven’t already heard about #PowerUp then where on earth have you been? #PowerUp puts you in control of your team’s kit with up to 15 unique designs available to add to any adidas or Nike match kit. Read our launch article for more info.

To get your creative juices flowing we’re going to take a closer look at the the Bolt, Mirror, Beam, Slash and Checkmate designs which have all proved incredibly popular options so far.

All of our designs have taken inspiration from a number of sources. From classic retro kits from back in the day, to geometric patterns and modern print trends. And some just popped into our heads and turned out to be amazing.

Where do we start with bolt? Look at it, it’s a big lightning bolt, and it looks class. It’s one of the most visually striking (pun intended) designs in the range. Perfect for kids teams or for big kids looking to strike fear into their opponents (sorry).

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who makes the best kits of them all? (shocking, I know). Refracted light, speed blurs, reflections- all that cool stuff rolled up into one unique design. That’s where Mirror came from. Looks awesome with a team crest and sponsor print added. If you think it looks familiar, we used it for the new SE Dons away kit. We’re expecting this one to be very popular.

Inspired by a beam of light, alien abduction style. Mix and match the two colours however you like in order to match your club’s identity. Looks great with or without a sponsor print in the middle. This one has Palmers FC Special Edition vibes.

Slash was born out of a combination of a tire skid pattern and the concept of a wild animal’s claw slashing down the jersey. These two ideas were brought together into a zig-zag pattern to create an eye-catching central column. Like PSG but in the jungle…

Remember that wavy Belgium shirt with the diamonds on from the World Cup last year? Well that was one of the big inspirations behind Checkmate. If you want something like that but with a bigger, bolder, better (soz adi) design then this is the one for you.

Like what you see?

Whatever your team colours, preferred brand or creative vision, our dedicated sales team will be able sort you out with your dream kit.

You can view the full range of #PowerUp designs right here on kitlocker.com. Choose your favourite design and hit the “Enquire Now” button to get started.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and make your club the envy of the league. Your skills might be Sunday League, but that doesn’t mean your kit has to be…

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