If template catalogue kits just don’t get you going and you are looking for something a little more bespoke and creative, then adidas miTeam is your new one stop shop for teamwear.

Custom sportswear doesn’t have to be exclusively for professionals anymore. adidas miTeam allows you to easily and affordably build your own unique club image.

The adidas miTeam platform enables clubs to design and create their own custom football kits, providing grassroots clubs with the chance to build a unique club identity. It’s not only football though, custom rugby kits are also available as well as running, basketball and more.

Adidas MiTeam

Designing your own teamwear is easy. Simply log onto adidas miTeam and follow the step by step process. Every aspect is customisable, from shirts to socks, allowing you to conjure up designs and colour combinations not usually available from the adidas teamwear range. Club logos, sponsors and other forms of embellishment can also be added.

Once you’re happy with your creation, at the end of the process you’ll be asked to select a retailer to place the order with. Select Kitlocker.com from the list and your order will be passed on to a member of our sales team who will take you through the final steps and bring your kit to life, with additional discount available.

adidas miteam

To start designing and begin your order, click the link below:

adidas miTeam

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