Lacking inspiration for your next training session? Have limited time to prepare? We’ve got just the ticket: three high-quality drills from young coach Ashley Jackson of Qualitas Sport shortened down to clips of two minutes.

Qualitas look to bridge the gap between grassroots and Academy-level football and, by using drills like these, it is no wonder why they have been successful. A number of their players have dramatically improved, with countless youngsters now plying their trade at English Football League clubs thanks to their developments made under Ash and his colleagues.

All your going to need is some basic equipment: cones, footballs and goals. Such products can be found HERE.

Take a look at the three drills here. The first, Ball Mastery, is an introduction to becoming comfortable with the ball. Players will use Sole Rolls to dribble through the cones laid out in front of them, followed by Step Overs in the second run through.

Now your players have become accustomed to dribbling with the ball, let’s try changing direction when running with the ball at pace. Dribble to the cone and then perform a Roll Step Over, or Snap Back, to confuse the ‘player’ (or, rather, the aforementioned cone acting as it). If your players can do this right in a game, they will have the ball in a more dangerous area to shoot, pass or continue to dribble.

The third and final drill is the Two Goal Game. Using dribbling skills they have developed through your excellent coaching so far (thanks, Ash!), they can now take on their man in an attempt to score a goal.

In the modern game, the counter-attack plays a crucial part and attackers often quickly have to become defenders. That is exactly what this training drill teaches your forward; as soon as they finished with the ball, they are asked to move over and prevent an attack in the other goal.

We hope that Ash’s training sessions are helpful and that you will be able to use them in your own coaching sessions.

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