At we’ve been changing teamwear since way back in 2005. One of the ways in which we’ve done this is through our innovative and progressive approach to embellishment.

Vinyl printing and embroidery are the standard embellishment options that have served the grassroots sport market for years and years. But if you know Kitlocker, you’ll know that there’s nothing “standard” about us.

We love the classics and will always provide those options for our customers. But you guys are becoming more and more demanding in what you want out of your teamwear, and rightly so. So we’re constantly looking into new methods of applying embellishments. Whether that’s through the use of new technology or taking inspiration from the professional game.

The result of all of this is the set of embellishment options we’re proud to offer our customers today. And if you aren’t familiar with them. Have a look 👇

Team Crests

Club badges are just badges, right? Wrong. They are the ultimate symbol of your club’s image and identity. Something to be proud of. Therefore, it’s important to make sure they look as good as possible when applying them to your football kit, netball dress, running vest or whatever it may be.


Embroidery is perhaps the most traditional of our embellishment options. The intricate nature of how the badges are applied using this method means production does take slightly longer. This, coupled with the increasingly technical and lightweight nature of sportswear, means that many of our customers are switching to the more modern alternatives.

However, we know that a lot of sports clubs value tradition and like to do things the old fashioned way. So this option is still available for those who want it.

Vinyl Print

Vinyl print has taken over embroidery as our most popular method of applying crests. It’s economy and speed of production means that your orders can be completed and out of the door quicker than with other alternatives.

You might think that the speed of production means lower quality but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The myth that printed logos peel after a few washes is a thing of the past.

We’ve been printing hundreds of shirts a day for the last 15 years. The progress of the technology we use, and the experience of our dedicated production team mean that a quality print is guaranteed. If in the unlikely event you’re not happy with your print, we’ll replace it straight away.

Silicone & Satin PU Crests

Silicone and Satin PU crests are very much the future of team logos. They are a common sight throughout elite sport and are chosen due to their unrivalled quality and durability. Silicone crests offer a textured, rubberised feel and a crisp defined finish.

The premium nature of this product means that we are currently only able to offer this to customers with a minimum order quantity of 500-1000 prints. However, we are working hard to bring this number down and make silicone crests as widely available as possible in the near future. So watch this space.

Printed Numbers, Names, Sponsors & Initials

We, of course, offer all of the other printed elements of teamwear that you’d expect. Our printed names, numbers, sponsors and initials are applied using high quality vinyl in any colour.

We have a number of standard fonts and typefaces we use but if you have a particular one in mind for your order then we’ll do our best to make it happen. Just let your account manager know what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest.


If you haven’t already heard about #PowerUp then what planet have you been living on? Ok, bit harsh. But if you run a team and the design of your kit is important to you, then you really should know about it.

Our #PowerUp service uses industry leading and exclusive printing technology to turn any standard teamwear garment into something much more bespoke and unique to your club image. This is your opportunity to really get creative.

You can pick from any of our individually designed Ready-To-Go designs or if you’re the creative type, bring your own dream bespoke kit to life.

We can #PowerUp any Nike, adidas or Puma teamwear shirt. Just because your team plays in Sunday League doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a Champions League level kit.

Get in Touch!

If you’re interested in getting hold of a kit for your team using #PowerUp or any of our many embellishment options then give us a shout!

Email your requirements and an idea of what you’re looking for to [email protected] and a member of our team will be in touch to make your dream kit a reality!

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