During these very strange and uncertain times we’re all facing many challenges, big and small.

We’ve come across a tool that may help to solve a headache many parents will be struggling with at the moment…

One of the biggest challenges facing many families is keeping kids occupied with no school, no clubs and particularly no sport! This is made even more difficult for families whose parents are having to juggle childcare with working from home.

One very handy free resource is the FA’s Superkicks app, which is available for Apple and Android devices. It wasn’t developed with this current situation in mind however, it will definitely be coming into it’s own in the coming weeks.

It’s jam packed with activities to keep both minds and bodies active. Many of the football drills and practices on the app are suitable for a back garden or even a park during your designated exercise time. They can be done individually, with siblings, or with the help of Mum or Dad.

It’s not just about playing outdoors though; it also supercharges football themed learning. This makes it a fun option to drop into any home schooling schedule.

Whether your child is new to the game or plays for a club, whatever the age, there are different levels and difficulties making it easy to get involved and get the most out of the app.

Give Superkicks a go! ⚽

Check out the video below to get a flavour. Click the link at the bottom of the page to find out more and download from your chosen platform.

Need some equipment? 🤔

If you need to get hold of some cones, mini goals or even just a football to get started with the Superkicks activities, then check out our Home Essentials page.

It’s full of football training equipment as well as all sorts of other weird and wonderful products to keep the whole family entertained and active at home.

CLICK HERE to get started with Superkicks!

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