We understand that finding sponsorship can be the difference between folding and keeping going for another season for a lot of clubs. It’s that important.

There are loads of clubs all vying for funds from the same local companies. And it’s not always easy to find businesses that are as passionate about grassroots sport as we are.

As you know, we’re always keen to lend a hand to grassroots clubs where we can. And that’s why we launched our free sponsorship presentations a few months back.

It’s basically a free presentation deck that provides prospective sponsors with all the information they need. All we ask of you is a little information about your club and your club logo. 

It’s been an incredibly popular service and we’re still getting requests on a daily basis.

We’re also hearing about how lots of clubs have benefited already from the decks. Helping them create links with local businesses and obtain vital funds.

One club in particular, Haslingden Girls & Ladies FC, have raised thousands through sponsorship after using our presentation. It’s enabled them to purchase a beautiful new Nike kit, amongst other things!

The Rosendale, Lancashire based club was formed in 1996 with the aim of introducing as many girls to the beautiful game as possible. Since then, the club has grown and grown… and grown! They now provide football to 260 girls every week, with ages ranging from 4 to 60.

We spoke to Russ Hall about how our free sponsorship presentation has helped them this season 👇

How has the sponsorship presentation helped HGLFC?

“Kitlocker’s sponsorship deck has allowed the club to take it’s professionalism to the next level through a combination of the joint Kitlocker and Nike Partner Club branding, as well as demonstrating the benefits of supporting grassroots football in the local community. It’s helped us open doors which perhaps wouldn’t have been possible prior, we’ve also been fortunate enough to secure some corporate affiliations which is a first for the club.

With the sponsorship deck being digital, it’s allowed our coaches to promote the club (and appropriate age group) to a new demographic of companies which we weren’t able to do to this standard previously. It’s been a great additional piece of value from our apparel partners Kitlocker.com.”

How did you go about using the deck?

“We’ve used the deck in a number of ways, including both digitally and printing copies off. Taking physical copies to events and leaving them on the table left people intrigued and interested in the contents. We also made a concerted effort to email businesses who are known to coaches. We’re delighted to say that 2 existing connections are supporting the team next season, and 12 new companies will be supporting us moving forward. I’ve personally emailed the deck to my serviced office building and I’ve picked up a sponsor that way.”

What advice would you offer to other clubs looking to gain sponsorship?

“Talk about your club with everyone, at every given opportunity. Spreading the word about what you’re doing in the local community, and the positive opportunities it brings to so many young people leads to a compelling story. It’s all about how you package your message up, and this deck is a really simple way of doing so.

Using appropriate language like opportunity and limited availability generates the right reaction from businesses. We’ve found that businesses want to support the local community, they just need to be shown how.”

How much revenue has it helped generate so far?

“We’ve recently generated around £14,000 in sponsorship, it’s hard to say what percentage of that is directly due to Kitlocker’s sponsorship deck, but what it definitely does is set up apart from other clubs. We’re delighted to say that one of our new club sponsors is American Golf, who are a really prestigious and well known company.”


Inspired by Haslingden GLFC’s story?

Get more information and enquire about getting your own free sponsorship presentation by clicking the link below!


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