Recent events mean that many of us are having to adjust to doing our jobs from home where possible, with many self-isolating completely. It’s pretty rough.

This unfamiliar scenario has left people facing some really big questions such as:

Are we allowed the telly on?

How many tea/snack breaks are acceptable?

What should I wear?

Well we might have the answer to at least one of those questions. Hang up those suit jackets and trousers because finally, the time for working in t-shirts and sweatpants has arrived. It might not be the best of circumstances but let’s make the most of it. We’ve even got something to keep you busy at home while you’re not working.

If you’re going to be at home all day then I think we can all agree that your first priority has to be comfort. And if we’re talking comfort then we’ve got to talk about the Nike Club Team 19 range. Welcome to your new uniform…

Nike Club Team 19 👕

Nike’s headline leisure range was almost built for this situation… sort of. A combination of comfort and performance that makes it the perfect choice whether you’re working from the sofa, or devising a stay-at-home exercise routine to burn off all of that stockpiled pasta.

Lets go from top to bottom then. You’ve got two choices for your top, you’ve got either the short sleeved cotton tee, or if you want to keep some kind of illusion of formality, the Club Team Polo. This comes complete with a polo neck collar, tie optional…

If you’re taking it easy on the heating bill, you’ll need something to keep you warm. For this we’re looking at one of two fleece lined hoodies. One has a zip, one doesn’t, they are both class. It’s as simple as that really. Oh, and if hoods are frowned upon at your new place of work (you make the rules) then look no further than the crew sweatshirt. Lovely.

Now for the all-important bottom half. You’ll be sat on your backside for most of the time so comfort is imperative. You’ve got a choice of a full sweatpant, or one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, the majestic sweatshort. Which provides all of the fleecy goodness without overheating.

And remember socks. Nice socks are very underrated 🧦

Don’t let the virus kill your natural goalscoring instinct ⚽

Ok, so you’re no Harry Kane. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself busy by honing your finishing while you’re at home. And it’s safe to say we’re all missing football.

The Kitlocker Pop-Up goal is perfect for turning your front room into a mini Wembley Stadium. And if you’re struggling for a football then it’s time to think outside the box. Why not ball up a pair of those lovely new Nike socks? Or what about a toilet roll? If you have any that is…

But if you’re a bit more professional than that, there’s always the size 1 Nike Skills Ball. Just the right size for the living room. Just try not to put it through your TV screen.

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Most importantly- stay safe, wash your hands and look after one another ❤

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