Earlier this week we showed you some of our ‘Ready-To-Go’ #PowerUp 2.0 designs and you’ll surely agree that they are absolutely blinding. But what if you’re a bit of a maverick? A trailblazer? A team that only marches to the beat of it’s own drum? 🥁

Well, we can cater for whatever your own idea of your team’s perfect shirt is. Team identity is important and there’s no better way to display that than on your kit. We understand that no two teams are the same. Want a giant cartoon fish printed all over the front of your shirt? Done. A photo of one of your town’s most iconic figures? Or just yourself? That’s fine. We won’t judge.

Hastings United used #PowerUp to subtly display their coat of arms on their home shirt and a local iconic image on their away shirt. See for yourself 👇

You get the drift. The possibilities are endless. But what if you’ve got an idea but don’t have the artistic or technical skills to bring it to life? Don’t worry, not many do. Thankfully we’ve got some very talented in-house designers. Just explain your vision and we’ll work with you until you’ve got a design to be proud of 🦚

What next? Well, when you’re happy with the design proof, we’ll get printing. We’re ridiculously proud of some of the bespoke #PowerUp kits that we’ve created and shipped out the door over the last couple of years. Here are a few of our favourites 👇🔥

Well what are you waiting for? Look at all those beautiful kits which are now being shown off on pitches, courts and playing fields up and down the country as we speak. That could be you. So go on, do something special with your kit this year and get it supercharged by #PowerUp 🔋

Remember, it’s not just football shirts. Kits for Cricket, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Athletics and more have all had the #PowerUp treatment.

So to get in touch and make sure you’ve got the best and most unique kit in your league click below, fill your details in on our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch 🤙


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