5 a side and 6 a side football is a midweek staple for many across the country, it’s the perfect way to break up the working week. Palmers FC think so too, the Sunday League Youtube powerhouse have recently entered into a local 6 a side league, where players from both the first and reserve teams will join forces once again.

Don’t just throw something on

5 a side football kits traditionally go one of several ways… You grab whatever is washed and hope that you don’t have to wear bibs; you wear the bibs or you and your team mates are football shirt obsessed and don an array of Boca Juniors shirts spanning the last 20 years. However, this familiar dynamic is slightly different for Kitlocker and Palmers FC. Three successful shirts later and we’re just getting started…

Palmers 6 sesh shirt

The 6 a side ‘Sessions’ series, soon to be launched on the Palmers channel, will see the birth of the 4th kit in our partnership. 5 a side football varies massively from 11 a side as we’re sure you’ll agree. Squad size, pitch size, rules, league format and game length are all a little bit different. This shirt is a little bit different too.

Flip 6 a side tradition on it’s head

We’ve moved away from the standard orange (home) and navy (away) kits, and in true 5 or 6 a side fashion, flipped tradition on its head. Sitting with Smiv, we spoke about what a small-sided kit should look like. “Make it fluorescent so we don’t have to wear bibs”.


palmers 6 sesh shirt 2

In true Kitlocker fashion, we applied a little bit of magic to the Nike shirt to bring it to life. A brand new, heat-applied one colour Palmers crest, ‘6Sesh’ sponsor logo and a FIFA World Cup inspired back name and number font compliment the shirt perfectly. We’ll be launching the shirt at the end of December, to coincide with the first upload of the new series over on the Palmers FC Youtube Channel. Get it at www.kitlocker.com/palmersfc. We think it might be the best 5 (or 6) a side kit out there, other than the lads wearing Boca Juniors kits.

Want to be like Palmers FC and create your own 5 a side kit? Hop onto kitlocker.com today or drop us a line, [email protected].

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