New Year, New Catalogue

As you may or may not know, Nike TEAM have brought their annual catalogue forward from April to January for 2018. By coinciding with the Western Europe launch of 2018/19 products, it allows UK customers to purchase more popular products by the start of the new season.

As well as three trainingwear ranges, Nike have released four new match shirt designs. Here, we guide you through the Challenge II, Tiempo Premier, Striped Division III and Park Derby II jerseys.

Nike Challenge II Jersey

Nike’s statement jersey for 2018/19, it might already be familiar to most. It is a template that has been used as the European jersey for many Champions League clubs. The likes of Barcelona, Manchester City, Roma & PSG have donned the camouflage kit this year. Now, you can get yours in black, white or red. Take a look at Footy Society’s customised kit below!

nike challenge jersey

Besides the striking design, the Challenge II match kit sports a button-less placket for a traditional look. Whether you play football with work or an amateur team at the weekend, you’re sure to stand out against the opposition.

The subtle styling of the jersey gives the wearer scope to couple it with a more detailed short. We’d suggest doing so by going with the League Knit Short, which have a distinctive stripe down either side. The secondary colours of these short match those of the top. While you might not get extra league points, you’ll certainly get one in the fashion rankings! Alternatively, the Challenge II shirt can be fittingly paired with the Park II Knit Short.

The Challenge II jersey is only available in short sleeve. Adult sizes cost £23.96 – including 25% off RRP on Youth prices start from as little as £17.21.

Tiempo Premier Jersey

Kitlocker’s bet for the most popular kit of 2018/19 is the Tiempo Premier. The top comes in a wide range of colours, in both long and short sleeve. Priced very competitively at £12.71 adults and £9.72 for the short sleeve option, we’re sure it’ll be a favourite for grassroots teams up and down the country.

nike tiempo jersey

Upon first glance at the shirt, it could be argued that it’s quite plain. The low price-point of the top might suggest that this is the case, too. The subtle ribbed design across the front, secondary stripe down the sides and V-neck collar make it anything but boring, however. Available in twelve different colourways means fitting the Tiempo into your club’s colours for next season will be a walk in the park.

We’d suggest coupling the Tiempo with the Park II Knit short. At 25% off RRP on, you’d certainly have some budget left over.

One final comment to make about the Tiempo is that it’s in the catalogue until the end of 2021. This is welcome news for clubs that have a lot of players joining throughout the season and beyond.

Striped Division III Jersey

The Striped Division is back again. Nike have listened to feedback from customers and County Football Associations to abolish the black back print that stopped some grassroots football teams from wearing it in the past.

The classic striped design comes in ten different colourways. This caters for teams who play in red, black, sky blue, royal blue, gold and green. The shirt is modelled the 2018/19 Nike TEAM catalogue by Eden Hazard, and comes in short and long sleeves. It also has a life-cycle to the end of 2020 – meaning there is plenty of time to get more for your side.

nike striped division

Looking across brands, the Nike Striped Division III appears to be the striped shirt of choice for those traditionally in the design. We’d suggest keeping the shorts and socks simple, to not detract from the beautiful vertical stripes. Do so by finishing the strip off with the Park II Knit Short and the Classic II Sock.

Prices for the long sleeve jersey start at £13.46 youth & £17.96 adults. Again, the prices of the tops include 25% off RPP.

Park Derby II Jersey

Another contender for our coveted ‘Jersey of the Year’ award, the Park Derby II is quite the change to its predecessor. You might remember the original Park Derby – which featured a panelled front and back.

In fact, the secondary colours across the shoulders and sleeves give it more of a Nike Striker IV feel, without the athletic fit or third colour. The purple/white option is also a welcome addition as a purple alternative to the Nike Park VI match shirt. The competitive price of the Derby II makes it accessible to grassroots clubs and schools on a budget.  You can get the short sleeve shirt for £10.46 & £13.46 for adults.

nike park derby

It’s safe to say the colourways on the Derby II are interesting, Nike have paired colours we haven’t seen for a couple of years, or at all. We’re particularly impressed with both the White/Gold option and the Royal Blue/Red. Elsewhere, a staple colourway returns in the infamous Claret/Blue, which we’re sure will excite West Ham fans and the like.

It’s exciting to think that new and old customers will have the chance to build their perfect kit for the 2018/19 season in new combinations of shirt/short/sock we haven’t seen before!

To Conclude…

When we first see the Nike TEAM catalogue, we go straight for the new matchkits. It’s safe to say Nike’s delivery has matched our anticipation this year, and ticked the design, colour & price boxes along the way too. Get your discounted football kits over on HERE with 25% off RRP.

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