The recent weeks and months have seen many of us have to adapt our lives in a number of different ways and the way we dress is a big one.

We’ve swapped out suit trousers for sweatpants and smart shoes for comfy socks. If you’re yet to tailor your wardrobe to our new normal then we’ve got some products to bolster your stay-at-home collection. Maximum comfort is the aim of the game.

If we’re talking comfort, then we’re talking about Nike’s range of Club 19 Loungewear. It covers all bases needed to dress for comfort from top to bottom. Read on for our guide through the key products.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

The Nike Loungewear Hoodie is an absolute classic of the genre and your new best friend. No frills, no fancy design. Just pure comfort, durability and warmth.

The brushed fleece on the inside of the garment is soft to touch and stays soft throughout the hoodie’s lifespan (as long as you look after it properly!) It also features an adjustable hood and kangaroo pouch style front pocket, making it practical as well as comfortable. And don’t forget the zip version of the hoodie for a different twist.

If you prefer a hoodless look, then the Nike Loungewear Sweatshirt might be more up your street. It’s got all of the comfort and other benefits of the hoodie, but without the hood and the pouch. Simple as that really.

Sweatpants & Shorts

There’s no two ways about it, whether we like it or not, many of us are spending a lot more time sat on our backsides than usual. So it’s safe to say that you need something comfy to sit in. And when it comes to that nothing beats the Nike Loungewear Pant.

Probably the comfiest pair of joggers you’ll ever own. Much like the hoodie, the inside of these bottoms feature a soft fleece fabric which will make you never want to take them off. Whether your new daily routine features working out, gaming, quizzing, Netflix binging, school teaching or anything else, then the Nike Loungewear bottoms are versatile enough to suit any home-based activity.

Hopefully we’ve got some sunshine on the way to brighten up what’s been a pretty rough couple of months. When it comes you might be after something a little shorter but with all the same fleecy goodness as a sweatpant. If so, then the Nike Loungewear Shorts are definitely worth a go. They are exactly what they say on the tin. Like sweatpants, but shorter.

T-Shirts & Polos

When the sunshine does show it’s face, a hoodie or sweatshirt might be a bit much. Grab yourself a Nike Loungewear T-Shirt or two. A simple yet effective tee made with 65% cotton, 100% comfort.

Got an important Zoom call coming up? Go for something comfortable and casual but with the added smartness of a collar and button neck. The Nike Loungewear Polo provides a casual and comfortable top that’ll make you look a bit more presentable to your boss. Tie optional…


If there’s anything that this period has taught us, it’s the value in a really good quality, comfortable pair of socks. They are very much the forgotten and unsung hero of the loungewear game.

Don’t ruin your comfort levels with worn out, hole riddled pairs of socks. If this sounds familiar, then the Nike Everyday Cushion Crew is the way to go. You won’t regret it.

Shop the Range

So there’s all you need to achieve maximum comfort during lockdown.

Want more? That’s fine. Check out our full loungewear selection including more from Nike plus other brands such as adidas, Canterbury, Joma and beyond.

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