We’ve launched a selection of custom designs perfect for your school, college or university!

If you’re looking to remember your transition year or time in education, then what better way to do it than with a hoodie?

With new terms now underway, Kitlocker.com have launched a collection of hoodies for you to pick from and customise with all the important details. You can really make them your own by picking from a wide-range of colours and styles, as well as including names, logos or even signatures.

Leavers hoodies are must-haves for any student moving on to further education or working life. You will have seen plenty young people wearing them, and they really are an ideal send-off.


Pick Your Style

We’ve created some unique designs, including a classic college-style print, that are both stylish and affordable. There are no miniumum order sizes too, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to buy just a few or hundreds for your peers.

Take a look at the choices available to you over on our dedicated website HERE.

Once you’ve found your perfect match, please simply then fill in the form below. We’ll get back to you within 1-2 working days with a quote.

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