Welcome to Kitlocker.com’s Kits of the Month for November!

As you know, we make some absolutely beautiful kits here at Kitlocker HQ. And we reckon that it’s a crying shame most of you never get to see them. So we’re giving some of our favourites the attention they deserve on a monthly basis.

If your kit hasn’t been included please don’t be offended. It’s probably just because we didn’t get chance to take any snaps before shipping out your order. Send us some pics if you think we’ve missed a banger of a kit and we might feature it in the following month’s list.

Some of the kits leaving the building this month have been a joy to behold. So let’s take a look at some of the best of the bunch 👇

Grenfell Athletic

Our partnership with Grenfell Athletic continues after they unveiled yet another sensational new shirt. They just don’t miss do they?

And as always with a Grenfell Athletic shirt, it has signifiant meaning behind it. It features artwork and words that decribe the hopes and dreams of the children of Grenfell and the surrounding community. The club is a firm believer that the size of your dreams should not be limited by where you come from. Something we can all get behind.

We love a shirt that carries a strong message. And even better when it looks this good too 💚

Procision Football Academy

As an academy with the aim of providing professional football development and educational opportunities, Procision need a kit to match those high standards.

Safe to say that’s been achieved with this classy striped adidas kit. The academy is celebrating it’s 10th year in 2022 and will be doing it in style with this shirt. 

University of Sheffield Basketball

We’ve been working with Sport Sheffield for over 10 years now and we’ve loved providing them with kit for the University’s huge range of sports clubs.

We welcomed some of the lads from men’s basketball to Kitlocker HQ recently for a shoot in their new Nike jerseys.

That black and gold colour combination 👌

Mid Ulster Ladies

Northern Irish football club Mid Ulster Ladies have opted for the Nike Tiempo Premier for their new shirt. And what a choice they’ve made 😍

Everything about this shirt looks so crisp and so clean. Sometimes you don’t need to add much to really make a kit pop. The traditional shield-style crest and the stylish sponsor print elevate this one to elite-tier status. 

Queerspace FC

This is a club that have been making waves within their community since their foundation in 2016. So it was important that their first ever kit was fully reflective of that and really made an impact.

Queerspace FC provide a fully safe and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy the beautiful game. This is echoed by some of the details on their kit, with the words “No one is Illegal” and “Football for All” displayed on the sleeves. 

Anyway, check the shirt out for yourself. It’s awesome 🏳️‍🌈⬇️

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Plus, keep your eyes peeled for kits of the year, coming soon 👀

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