A new partnership has been agreed between Middlesex FA, Kitlocker.com and Nike. The partnership comes at an ideal time, as both the County FA and Kitlocker look to continue their good work within grassroots football.

Whilst Kitlocker continue to grow month on month, Middlesex FA is entering an exciting time in the Association’s history after recently launching a new website, logo and edging ever-closer to completing work on a new £4.9million facility that will become the first football ‘hub’ in the County. The retail partnership will allow members of Middlesex FA to redeem member benefits such as teamwear discounts and free online store platforms.

Benefiting Clubs Across the County

Middlesex FA Chief Executive, Leigh O’Connor, said:

‘I am very happy to announce this new partnership with Kitlcoker.com and Nike. We’re about to move into a very exciting time for Middlesex football and we hope our partnership with Kitlocker will prove to be just the start of a number of changes that will benefit the clubs, coaches, referees and players that we serve in the County.’

Other benefits include:

  • Areas for all Middlesex FA clubs to set up an online store section, retailing club specific Nike apparel, including logo and personalisation options.
  • Bundle offers on equipment and balls. Equipment and apparel packages for referees and coaches.
  • Access to discounted Nike footwear.
  • Competitions for tickets and other Nike experience opportunities.

Become a Nike Partner Club with Kitlocker.com

Kitlocker are looking to speak to clubs within the Middlesex area who believe they meet the criteria to become a Nike Partner Club. Please contact [email protected] to speak about becoming an NPC in full. You can find out more information about the programme HERE on Teamzone.

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